It’s Corn Planting Time

We have been having freeze warning now for the last four-five days

With a nasty cold wind straight off the polar cap

Terry still set up to plant, changing out the bean planter plates to the corn planter plates

Ground, seeds and moisture of the soil doesn’t care if you think it is just too cold, when everything comes together you have to be ready

The weather forecaste for the rest of this week is very warm weather…

We are going to go from the high 40’s to 80*

Which is bound to make for flooding for those that live in the mountains and floods along the rivers.

We keep seeing on the news how much flooding is occuring and our hearts go out to you.  Sure has been a long winter and a cold wet spring.


Only Living Eye-witness Give Account of Killing of Womack on Grand Mesa (1901)

13 thoughts on “It’s Corn Planting Time

  1. Beautiful pictures…
    love the blue and white…
    and we see the white from here (o:
    I can’t believe the temps the news gives for the high country. It has been cold here at night too.
    SUN….come on out (o:


  2. Here where i’m at in Wisconsin today it snowed this afternoon. Spring hasn’t sprung here yet. I asked when summer would be and they told me that they hadn’t heard what day it would be this year but that it usually shows up at least one day.


  3. It certainly is crazy weather.
    Oh, I love the photos you’ve taken. The third one down – the way the ‘folds’ in the mountains have been captured.
    Hope your corn crop is a beauty!


  4. Hope all goes well with planting. It will soon be time for planting cotton here, but temps have been cold at night here also. Our soil temp is supposed to be 60* for 3 days in a row before putting the seed in the ground. No one has started yet. Hubby used to wait until at least the 10th of May to start planting.
    Your mountain photos are drop-dead gorgeous!! Would love to see that out my window! Hope it warms up to stay at your house.


  5. Beautiful photos..send that warm weather this way! We finally made it to 60 degrees yesterday! Whoohoo! I was talking to a gentleman who was talking about corn the other day and how they planted it checkerboard style so it could be cultivated by horses from any direction to get the most weeds. ( before the days of Round Up Ready Corn) Spring is truly here when the corn has been planted! ..Not much planting here yet…but the fields are getting worked:)


  6. Thanks for thinking of us who are in the flood zone! Here in ND, it’s been widespread and more severe than a lot of folks can ever remember. Lots of roads wiped out, railroad tracks damaged, basements flooded. Who knows when the fields can get worked? Everything will be late and costly, that’s for sure.


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