Fuzzy Blogging on Friday

This is Boomer,

Fuzzy said I could have my say, Fuzzy is really cool.  Just like Mom calls him, she calls him a Cool Dude.

I agree!  Geezz he lets me do all sorts of stuff with him, we bark at the mailman, the UPS driver, the FedEx lady.

The fun part of living here is I get to do ‘stuff’.  Fuzzy does stuff so I am learning to do all sorts of things.

We bark at birds.  That is really fun.  I get to jump HIGH when I bark at the birds; we chase them out to the alfalfa fields.

Of course the Swallows do NOT pay us any attention; they just keep on flying and eating all the flying bugs in the air.  Now those Starlings….those sneaking things like to swoop, or hop or somehow sneak in and get our dry kibble. Fuzzy hates the kibble, but I like it.  He says it tastes like sawdust, I don’t think so. I can taste all sorts of good things in the food.

Anyway, those Starlings are a little hard to manage, but we watch for them and we give the really good bark when we see them.  You know the bark….loud and long.  I do my really cool hoooooooooooooow and they fly off.  Most of the time they have a kibble in their beaks but sometimes we scare them enough they drop the kibble!  HEE HEE

Another cool thing I’m learning to do is ride in the back of the pickup.  I know how to ride in a car….I sit real close to the driver and I stare straight ahead.  I used to ride all the time.  But Mom and Dad say I have to learn to ride in the back of the pickup because there isn’t room up front for them and us two dogs.

It was really scary right at first.  I would jump out the moment I got in the back; gradually Mom figured out that if Fuzzy got in first then I would stay with Fuzzy.  We are working on me not jumping out the second the truck stops.  I am getting better at it…I really scared Mom one time because I jumped out at the sale barn.  She was really mad at me for that.  I guess I scared her real bad, so now I stay until she calls me and says I can get out.  Boy is it ever hard to do.  Fuzzy told me to sit still so we can go more often…but man there are so maaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnyyy cool things to look at and to smell!!!!

I’m staying because my choices are to either stay home (by myself) or be tied up in the back.  (She does that when we are at the sale barn now).  My goal is to ride like Fuzzy.

I’m practicing,

I really am.

Boomer for Fuzzy on Friday

Many Mountain Lions Roam the Area


10 thoughts on “Fuzzy Blogging on Friday

  1. I love these Friday posts!!! And the picture of both their faces is just to beautiful… what handsome boys!! And Fuzz is soooo classically debonaire with the touches of grey. hugz and smooches to them both 😀


  2. I think your dogs have a good life! Chasing birds, running around on the farm, riding in the truck….and barking at tractors 🙂


  3. Haha, Boomer! I can just see how excited you are to be alive. I’m glad you’re learning lessons from Fuzzy so you can go for rides and see and smell even more cool things. Keep up the good work putting those pesky birds in their place.


  4. Boomer and Fuzzy are both great puppies –and obviously have a wonderful life out there in western Colorado… Both are very lucky dogs!!!!!

    Great pictures, Linda.

    Have a good weekend.


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