Sunday May 29, 2011

Outside of irrigating there wasn’t a lot we could do on Sunday.  The wind was horrible..two days of hard wind.  Blowing in gusts from 45 to 80 miles and hour.  You have to walk bent over just to make it across the ditch bank.

We lost some of the shingles off the chicken house and some tin off the cow shed.  They can all be fixed, nothing like what others have had to go through.

Anyway, we decided to take a little ride up on the plateau to see what the snow melt looked like (which reminds me the weather sites say this wind is being caused from melting snow and warm air-I’ll be glad when it stablizes).

We met water going up.  The rivers are running full-wide and scary.  Creeks are full and roaring, water in lots of places that will just be a memory come July.

The cattle have not be allowed to enter public lands as of yet, still to wet. But the grass was starting to look good on top.

The wind was bad up there also. But not like down in the valleys.

This is what it looked like on our way back down.  Wind full of dirt.

The road we were on is call Cottonwood road (501) Terry says it really needs to be called dry as a bone road. 🙂

Even so, some of the wild flowers were starting to bloom.

It’s still blowing today, but the sky is blue.  It’s also cold.  80+ yesterday and only around 60 today.

Tomorrow this is suppose to out of here and then the heat settles in.

I still enjoy this time of year lots better than winter.  I really don’t even mind the wind, but when the long dark dreary days of winter comes … I just endure.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Austin E. Miller


18 thoughts on “Sunday May 29, 2011

  1. Wow, it seems like you get some pretty harsh weather there, we see a lot of gusty days in Nebraska and some really cold days and some really hot days so much so that milk production goes down in the heat of the summer for dairy farmers, but goodness you see it all! I have to admit that I don’t quite understand what you mean by your way of life disappearing, aren’t there thousands upon thousands of acres of corn in this country? Do you mean the homesteading way of life? Here in Nebraska we are surrounded by corn and soybean farms. But it does seem to be more of a commercial way of life, have you ever seen that documentary King Corn? I had no idea corn production was that way until I saw that. Is the corn you produce for cattle feed or human consumption? Sorry just had some questions!


  2. We are supposed to get those winds today..they are supposed to be warm, and then we plunge back into the low 60’s again. I am still waiting for spring and it is almost June.
    Nice photo up on top. interesting fence:)


  3. Hee hee – it was 48 here yesterday and 45 here today! We have massive flooding all over the state and there is still snow in the mountains and more coming down today. I think summer is going to skip this year!


  4. I figured I was about due to send a note of appreciation for the time and work you put into your daily posts, Linda. Every picture you include brings back memories of growing up there. Whether it’s Grand Mesa in the background, the ‘dobies, the irrigation ditches or the Uncompahgre Plateau, they spark a quick mental return to Delta.
    I know what you mean about things having changed so much. I can remember when we had stores on Main Street, like Hollands, Comet Drug, Dunbar Rexall Drug, Trowbridge’s, a couple of car dealerships, Schmidt Hardware, Virgil’s Saddlery & Shoe Repair, the Egyptian Theater, the bowling ally, Independent Lumber, Renfrow Furniture. The last time I was through there about three years ago, I don’t think a one of those was still in business — at least not in the location I remember. And they call it progress…
    Am I sounding like an old-timer or what?! Anyway, thanks again, Linda, for keeping this going. It’s much appreciated.
    Gary West


  5. Hasn’t the wind been insane? We’re getting it here too. Is quiet in the morning and by afternoon it’s gale force winds. Tearing my roofs up too. I certainly don’t want to get out and ride. I don’t even want to get out and walk! I hope you’re right and it’s going to cease soon.


  6. I will not complain about the fog. Linda’s having to deal with 80mph winds.

    (Going to make myself repeat this 100 times…)

    Here’s to settled weather soon, for all of us! Happy Last-Week-of-Work! 🙂


  7. Linda, I do hope the wind quiets down for you soon, we are experiencing a bit of summer like weather here, warm and humid. I guess we are going to skip right over spring. Blessings to you, Julie.


  8. Beautiful photos. The dirt photo is how it looks all over the grounds here, even on our front porch. I had to spray water all over it this morning so that we could walk out and breathe. It has been 109 and tons of dirt landing on us from high winds and no rain. The pumpkin plants I just planted have already been choked out. Sigh……..I will just start over again!


  9. We’re starting to see more and more wildflowers too, even if it has been cold. The weather man is talking frost again tonight but I rather doubt we’ll get it here.


  10. Boy that sure does look bone dry 😉 Hope the weather evens out. The winds are bad that is for sure especially when they get up past 60 miles an hour! Take care and keep the feet planted 😉


  11. I saw how Fuzzy’s coat was all blown out by the wind in your Friday post photo. I forgot to mention it. We’ve had rip-roarin’ winds here too. Nothing worse unless it is winds that spin and lift off roofs. (My heart goes out to those in tornado alley). Way too much water here, although we are still on the shallow end of the pool. Hope the wet weather will mean plenty of water in the reservoirs for later. Hang in there!


  12. I can second what Sherry in MT says. We topped out at 48 today and had lots of rain. I stopped by another greenhouse today and helped move flats off the ground as the water was rising fast. They are afraid the dikes will break soon. We are so much more used to your dry conditions than too much water. Still, we have to remember that someone always has it worse than we do. And Thank God for our veterans and those who gave their lives for our freedom!


  13. I hope the wind storm is now a thing of the past and you can enjoy some beautiful calm days for a change. I’m glad you were able to get out and take a ride on Sunday, and I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day.


  14. Good Morning! Another day and more wind here, too. We finally had to take the flags all down yesterday it was blowing so hard. Weatherman said 48 mph, but I wonder…
    Not as bad as you are having to put up with, tho. It has been over 100F everyday for the last 4 days. A reprieve today-only 94F!
    Would love to sit by a roarin’ mountain stream once again. I loved doing that when I lived in Colorado.
    Your pictures are great, Linda! The one of the dirt looks very familiar. We stilll have very little chance of rain coming our way. Cotton is refusing to come up for some farmers and then the hot, dry winds just sandblasts the baby cotton plants. We keep praying!
    Hope it warms up soon for you. Take care…


  15. We had the same wind here. In Northern AZ where we spent the weekend, the gusts were up to 55 mph. Crazy for watching a 14u baseball game – probably worse for the players.


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