Wind, Smoke, Alfalfa and Planting Beans

The ground is at the right moisture for planting the last of this years crop…the pinto beans

It will take Terry about two days get the pinto bean fields planted.

Of course everything always comes together at the same time

The alfalfa has just the right amount of bloom to be cut. 

First things first.  First the pinto beans, then on Monday or Tuesday the alfalfa will be cut.  It take alfalfa about a week in hot drying weather to turn into hay.  Then there is the baling the stacking and the hay customers. 

We really like our hay customers, everyone that comes out is fun to see again.  Terry also sells his hay to the Delta Elevator.

The smoke you see blowing in is from the fires in Utah and Arizona.  It’s always sad that summer has to bring with it forest fires.

Anyway, I’m glad its summer!


Fish Laws and First Wardens in Delta County

17 thoughts on “Wind, Smoke, Alfalfa and Planting Beans

  1. Wow! That is a lot of smoke! Have friends in Alpine/Eagar area of Arizona that are having to evacuate.

    Go, Terry!! not a minute of the day that is not busy for a farmer. The alfalfa really looks good.

    Have a good Sunday…blessings!


  2. Beautiful alfalfa! Scary about the smoke and fires though. It is so neat for me to read about you growing pinto beans. There are very few beans grown in this area except for soybeans for grain and a few acres of green beans for the baby food plant. I hope you post some pics of the bean plants when they get going. I would be really interested to see them.


  3. Interesting that you let your alfalfa go to flower. I just assumed it wasn’t allowed to flower because of blister beetles. Either way, it’s beautiful and smells so wonderful when it’s baled.


  4. Sounds like a busy week ahead.
    The alfalfa looks beautiful, we call it lucerne and are actually just re-planting our lucerne paddock this week in anticipation of predicted rain at the end of the week.
    Hope the skies stay blue while you dry your hay.


  5. Aren’t you glad life on a farm is never dull? They say army life is “hurry up and wait”. It seems as if farm life is “wait (for conditions to be right) and then hurry up (doing six things at once)”. Your alfalfa looks real good. We’ve been hearing about the wildfires in Arizona — they sound pretty bad and summer is just starting.


  6. How about you bottle up the smell of that alfalfa and send it out here! 🙂 I always loved that smell. Looks like you finally have summer to stay.


  7. And, the cycle goes on. Now, that you are not having to go to work (notice I said go to work? Because, I’m pretty sure you’ll have enough work at home for awhile) are you planning on watching on the side lines drinking iced tea? It’s what I would be doing.


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