Fuzzy Blogging on Friday–Mom Cooks Outside

The moment Mom comes outside and lights the grill I know good smells are going to be coming forth soon.

Boomer gets really excited when the grill gets lit he says in his former life he always—A.L.W.A.Y.S. got to have some of whatever was being cooked on the grill.

That doesn’t happen here.

Dad would be upset if Mom cooked our dinner on the grill.

Mom would probably do it if we begged really hard, but she says she doesn’t know how to make canned dog food burgers.

Once the grill gets to going Boomer steps right up and goes and sits right next to the grill. He pokes his nose up high in the air to catch as much of the smells as he possibly can.  He looks sort of stupid, but hey, each to their own.

I mosey on over to the patio rocking chair and set myself down behind the chair. That puts the chair and Boomer between me and the grill.  Boomer says I should move in closer just in case someone trips and drops a steak or something.

I’ve found out if you sit too close to the grill you will get yelled at —like—“Get Out of THE WAY!  Move!  MOVE!  You are going to trip someone!”  You know stuff like that.  I don’t like to be yelled at, tell me once that’s enough.

Mom came out and put the meat on the grill…but only after telling Boomer “Move Boom, you are in the way and going to get burned.”

See, what did I tell you?

Boomer moved back to the rocking chair, now we were both sitting by the rocking chair.

Mom put on the meat and cloud of white lovely smoke filled the air with fumes of such delicious proportions that both Boomer and I started to drool. Mesquite smoke and grilling meat. Yummm! Sniff! Sniff! Slurpppppppppp!

Our mouths began to water and our ears perked right up as the meat sizzled and popped over the glowing coals.

Boomer whispered to me that he thought we ought to rush the grill and see if we can grab us a hunk of meat or two.  I sure gave the thought a serious consideration for several minutes.

But Mom is very suspicious of begging dogs; she always has a watchful eye on us just in case we want to poach a hunk of meat or so.

Boomer thumped his tail on the ground and gave her his most sincere look.  He had to work at not looking like he was begging but just really interested in what she was doing.  I had to look away, Mom would know what I was up to and besides I only have a short stump of a tail so I can’t whack it on the ground.

Then everyone was there, handing their plates over to Mom walking around laughing and talking, I told Boomer we had better get out of here or we are going to get yelled at.

Boomer said he wanted to stay a little yelling never hurt anyone.

I headed over to my dog house, I know if I’m suppose to get something Mom will bring it over and scrape it out in my dish.  I do NOT like getting yelled at!

Suddenly there was a sort of cash sound, the tickle of silverware falling and a little child crying.

I looked for Boomer just sure as anything that he was right in the midst of the mess. But he wasn’t.

He has slipped way over to the other side of the patio and was just laying there watching everything.

Then I heard Mom saying about not a problem there is lots more.

I waited.

Boomer walked over to where I was waiting.

Then Mom showed up with the spilled food, scraped it out in our dishes.

We too got to go to the cook out.


Delta County Water


13 thoughts on “Fuzzy Blogging on Friday–Mom Cooks Outside

  1. Fuzzy, you’ve learned a lot of patience in your life. I’m glad you got the reward you deserved. I’ll bet Boomer with that hound nose can sniff out steak a mile away.


  2. Oh, Fuzzy, I’m so glad you got a treat! You knew patience would get you somewhere, huh?!
    My mom gave me a shoulder roast bone yesterday and I spent all morning getting the marrow out of the center and then chewing on the bone. Yummy! Sounds like you are training Boomer well. Be sure to stay away from those ole coyotes, tho. They mean trouble!! I don’t like them either.
    Have a good nap today. Your friend,
    Lucky, the black Lab.


  3. hey fuzzy…I had my Granddog over yesterday, and would you believe as I sat outside with my lunch…she decided to sneak my salad when I was not looking…who knew dogs like salad….do you?
    Linda, I had no idea the KKK was big in CO. so weird.
    My son is moving to Fairplay to be a deputy with the Sheriff Department. Hope he can live the small town mountain life….(o: We went up to help him look for a place to live. I have been there before…but I forgot how small it is. The sheriff is over all of park County…which is big. The thing that will get him through the ‘smallness’ is his love for law enforcement…and wanting this job so bad.


  4. Fuzzy, my dogs lay about the kitchen when I’m cooking and under the table when we are eating. They don’t beg, they just wait patiently—maybe one of the humans will have a seizure or something and bring the food they are cooking/eating down with them. The children at our house are no longer small enough to be counted on to spill their plates as they walk. 😦
    Like Boomer, one of my dogs also sniffs the air intently. She’ll even go so far as to lick the air if it smells especially yummy.


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