The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Houston

Ah, the Lovely Miss Houston!

Houston lives two miles from us….two whole miles.  She is a beautiful yellow dog; some sort of cur, I’m not sure what kind.  Her Mom knows what kind, but I never can remember. Oh, yes. Mountain Cur, she has papers and everything.

And it doesn’t matter.

Boomer and I love Hou-Bug!

Hou-Bug lives with two Rottweilers – Balou and Rock. Big dogs!  Huge dogs! Big! Huge! My Mom says they are sweet and pets all over them and give them back rubs.  Boomer and I are rather terrified of them and bark lots at them!  We give them the best of our barks. Loud and long!  I try to put a grrr in my bark and Boomer tries to make his bay deeper.  We bark until Mom says “That enough now!” Then we stop and try to get right on top of Mom and in the way of her petting those B.I.G. dogs.

Dad makes Shannon keep all her dogs in the back of her truck…they pee on everything you know.  Of course wherever they pee Boom and I have to pee over it because, well, it is OUR place!  Houston gets to get out….sometimes.  Not very often, only once in a while.

Boomer and I love Shannon.  She is a dog person, well she is a cat person also, but we won’t go down that road.  Dog person is enough.  Cats we just let live here, life is really about dogs.  But I digress.

I’ve been thinking of Houston…Houston of the soft yellow fur, lovely brown eyes.  Sigh!

Of course when I think of Houston I have to think of Rock and Balou.  They all seem to go together.  “The Boys” I guess are likeable…they have no real glaring flaws, act just like well, dogs.

They also bark a lot.  I mean a lot…they bark the whole time they are riding down the road… “Hey World!!! We are free!  Riding like the Wind!”  Bark! BARK!  Woof!  Bark!

I hate to admit it but Hou-Bug barks right along with them.

And Puff (Hank).  He never barks in our truck or in his own, but if he is with Shannon all he does is bark, bark, bark, just like her dogs!

Now Boom and I we never bark going down the highway, refined dogs just don’t do that.  We sniff the air a lot and trade sides so not to miss anything, beside Dad would make us stay at home if we barked the whole time. 

I decided years and years and years ago I would not bark out-of-place so I won’t miss anything.  Boomer said every time he barked he had to go into the garage.  Where he used to live No ONE, not a single person there liked a barking dog.  Sometimes some of the people would talk about de-barking any dogs that lived where he used to live.



Hank likes to hang out with Shannon and her mob of dogs.  He even goes to play with them in the river. 

If Shannon even acts like she is even THINKING about asking Boomer and I to go we slink away and hide in our dog houses…we are NOT getting in the back of the truck with all of those loud dogs.

No sireee.


Governor Steve McNichols


13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Houston

  1. Your Mom sure took some great pictures there, Fuzzy! Just by looking at them, I could feel all the excitement of being in the middle of a bunch of barking, slobbering, happy dogs… It’s good to have friends like Shannon and the Crew…


  2. Fuzzy,
    Those are huge dogs and I would be frightened of them too. then, I’m ascared of a lot of stuff. Tripper barks a lot and acts all tough but I only bark at things not people, cats or other dogs. Okay, sometimes I bark at people but only the ones dressed like delivery guys. They scare me.
    Take care & stay away from the water,


  3. Fuzzy: I can sure see why you think a lot of Houston. She’s very lovely. I’m glad you and Boomer are refined enough not to bark your faces off about everything. That’s class.

    You’ll have to get your mom to sneak you in to see “Cowboys and Aliens.” There is a dog just like you in that movie. He does some pretty good acting. Up for a Dogadamy award, I understand.


  4. Oh Fuzzy, you and Boomer are so wise not to get together with those B.I.G. barking dogs. Better to just let things be as they are. It’d just end in a peeing contest anyway :O
    I can see why you’ve a soft spot for Houston – beaut-i-ful !!!!
    Loved your post – big pats and ear ruffles to you both xx


  5. Oh Fuzzy, I can tell that Houston is very ‘special’ to you…. Houston is a pretty dog for sure. But thanks to a good Mommy and Daddy, you and Boomer are much better-behaved than the big dogs ….

    Linda, have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Greetings, Linda. I need to introduce myself to you since I have been reading your blog since the day Boomer wrote about how he got to you. I’m Linda Leslie, mother of Marie, of gardenfreshtomatoes, I live in southwest Oklahoma. Thanks for your wonderful blog…. I love the rainbows. Mother and I drove through a rainbow once. Trees on the side of the road turned yellow for a few seconds, then it was gone. I look forward to your blog. Thanks for taking time to write.


  7. Looks like Dog Heaven. I’m glad that Boomer found a place where’s he’s free to speak to the world in his own voice. It makes me laugh though, that Dad the Farmer, has a thing about peeing dogs.


  8. You always have such great dog adventures around there (o:
    Caught up here…lots of great rainbow pictures….I swear…I never see that many rainbows.
    Loved the Mesa pictures…very pretty place indeed. We had TONS of mosquitos while in the snowy range….as bad as the year we visited the Mesa (o:


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