Now if the rain that keep hovering around here will just take its little self on down to Texas and leave us a couple of months of sunshine that would be good.

Please everyone find it in your hearts to pray for the land — that rain comes to Texas and other parts of our drought stricken country. Water is the life force of good…pray for water to heal the land and bring life back to the south.


17 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Too bad all that rain on the east coast couldn’t get spread around a little more evenly. The weather is so messed up. My heart breaks for the places dealing with drought, floods, heat waves, earth quakes, etc. However, the reservoirs around here are full for the first time in a decade or so. Best wishes for your bean crop. Looks outstanding.


  2. Texas certainly needs all the rain it can get. Things were pretty miserable on the Plateau in Tennessee with two months of no rain. Texas must feel it’s reliving the Dust Bowl. Prayers are definitely called for.


  3. Well, if it can’t head to Texas, I’d gladly take your rain! My hay supplier hasn’t been able to get his normal 2 cuttings in. We’re so dry our ponds look like puddles now too. Drought… hay shortage… This isn’t spelling “good” for this coming winter here in GA! Sadly, we cheered when TS Lee brushed against us before hitting New England. Wish more of that rain had stayed down here!


  4. Us here in Queensland know what you are going through, having suffered a drought for ten years before the rains finally came and flooded the land and the cities. hang in there, Linda, It will rain again.




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