The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Grandchildren

Dad, Mom, Boom, and I go ever evening to check on the cows.   And to see how the corn is doing in the drying department.

We head up to the back 40 and then into the upper end, looking the grass over, watching for problems with the fences and in Booms case just seeing what he can smell.

Checking on the health of the cows

Everything is looking good.

The grass is high

The fences are ready for the range cows to head back down.  The rancher who brings his range cows to our place doesn’t come here until the end of January, but all the neighbors have cows that start coming in so all of the fences need to be UP and ready and waiting.

Our cows are slick and fat.  Dad says market day will be in November.

I used to run all over the place, just like Boomer does now, but not anymore.

Still I love to go, so Mom puts me up behind her on the four-wheeler and we are off.

We ride everywhere.  It’s delightful to see the land and smell the smells on the wind.

Sometimes Mom puts me down and lets me run around while they do something or other.

This getting old is rather hard, but it does have its advantages.   Like I get to ride everywhere!

Back home we have lots to do…I like to sleep under the kitchen window, or under Dad’s truck, then there is the really nice and shady lilac bush.

I pick which dog house I want to sleep in, Boomer gets the one I don’t want.  I trade so he is never sure…I trade often.


The grandkids are okay….mostly Hank and Boomer play with them, which is okay by me.  I much rather sat by Mom while they are run around on the grass or whatever.

Of course there are those times……

… when I wonder why me



12 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Grandchildren

  1. Boomer, you are a wonderful source of common sense and insight… and no matter what hat (or crown) you wear, you are a very handsome doggie man and loved very much.
    your fan in Nevada,


  2. Dear Fuzzy,
    I feel your pain. It’s not grandkids (we don’t have any. though mom wishes we did). It’s my mom, sometimes she get these crazy hats then puts them on me. Mostly, she only does it around the holidays (whatever those are).


  3. How cool that you can ride along with your mom so you don’t miss out on the adventures, even if you can’t run as fast as Boomer. I guess Princess Crowns are a small price to pay for such benefits. Hehe.


  4. Fuzzy, Bug here. I know what you mean about getting older. If I have to go down stairs very often, I sit my rear end down at the top, and I wait and shake a little and try to look pitiful until my mom comes to get me and help me down. I can do it by myself, but it’s such a rush to control your humans…

    Stay Fuzzy!


  5. A lovely look at the end of summer and the beginning of fall on the Colorado farm through the eyes of Fuzzy and Boomer! Hope you are doing well too. Take care–


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