The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —It Snowed

It snowed!  I love the snow!  I really, really do!  I run as fast as I can and then I stop and slide, snow is ever so much better than that really, really, really cold we’ve been having.

I smelled Robbie the Raccoon clear out buy the diversion gate; I followed him every which way and clear up to the waste water transmission pipe.  Boy was he ever busy last night!

Fuzzy stayed pretty close to Mom.  He likes to play in the snow also, but his left front leg doesn’t always work the best so he wanted hang close if he should fall. I looked back a couple of times and he was even running!  So I ran back to see if he wanted to go with me and smell Robbie the Raccoon’s tracks.

He said he would think about it, so I told him while he was thinking I would race ahead.  He thought that would work.

While Mom and Dad finished putting up the panels, so the cows can go onto the farm, Fuzzy and I searched for Mice in the old corn field.

Nope, didn’t find any.

But we will…they will come out and we will find them.

A big bird was sitting over at the equipment yard watching us—he hollered at us to let him know if we see any mice.  He said he was having trouble finding some.

I bayed back that we would, if we do.

Just before we came in, the lady who was to get her last load of hay showed up.  That finished up all the hay.  So Mom and Fuzzy and I went up to the upper end and brought the cows down, while Dad finished the fence.

Then we moved the cows onto the farm.

They love eating all the old corn stalks and the old alfalfa stems.

Well, gotta go, I want to run back out into the corn field with Fuzzy, it’s warming up a bit and the snow is melting.  I’ll bet the mice are out!




17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —It Snowed

  1. Fuzzy I am sorry the cold makes your leg hurt, the weather makes me hurt sometimes too, old age will do that. it is good that your Mom loves you so much and takes care of you. I bet you have earned that good care over the years on the farm. Merry Christmas to you, Boomer and your Mom and Dad.


  2. You got snow! It is snowing a bit here now..but if it gets to 40 degrees F it will melt before Christmas. We are sure to have a brown Christmas this year. Your snow looks good all fresh and can track the mice now! 🙂


  3. Your snow looks so pretty. We only see it when we go to the mountains. And then we don’t want to get out of the car. We don’t like cold.

    Misty and her minions


  4. Love, love, love these dog stories, & your pictures are beautiful. We are west central Georgia & have doors open today & clothes drying outside. It is unseasonably warm & strange for December. Merry Christmas to all! Mary Ann


  5. Super post, Boomer!! You and Fuzzy are great dogs. I love the photos where you are running and Fuzzy’s hair and your ears are flying back. My last dog loved to run her nose through the snow and toss it in the air. Somewhere there is a picture of her throwing snow in the air. Merry Christmas to both of you and your Mom and Dad, too. I wish you lots of mice!!!


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