The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Hank and the Chickens

Well, it happened! Hank has been banished to his yard when our chickens are out. Banished! (But only when the Chickens are out, Mom said.)

(This photo was taken last summer, Mom liked the colors so used it here for the story.)

See here is what happened….

Well, maybe I had better defend Hank first; you have to understand Hank must have bird dog in him, that is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Hank was up visiting when he told Boomer and me that he sometimes has dreams of eating a whole chicken all by himself.  (He said this as one of the chickens walked across the road in a scurry to get to Mom as she was bringing out the scraps for the day.)

He went on to say that he caught a mallard duck down at the swamp, (before he got his lovely shock collar) brought it home and had a great feast until Mom-mom and the kids got home.  There was lots of ‘bad dog’ and other things that made Hank have a heavy heart.

I looked at him rather surprised, “You mean wet chicken don’t you?”  The kind that comes without bones and is all canned up and well, very dead?” I asked him.

Boomer looked at Hank with a totally blank look on his face…”Why would you want to eat something that you have to chase, mug and then de-feather?” he asked Hank.

We both stared at Hank…his eyes were glazed over and drool was coming off his mouth.  “Your mouth is watering, Hank!”  Boomer sort of screamed at Hank.

“Slurp, slop, drool. Gosh I’m sorry.  Slurp…slurp…chickens are just dumb birds….slurp, which are placed on this earth to slurp…”

“Gosh, sorry!  The strain is just too much.”  Hank said as his stood up.  “I think I had best go home now.”

“You can’t go home, Hank.  Your people brought you up here to stay with us until they get back from going to Grand Junction.”  Boomer pointed out.

“Oh, yeah, I guess I had better, hummm, go sit around in the sun on the other side of the house.”

Hank’s eyes seemed to drift over to where Mom was and all four of the hens, even as his feet were moving him over to the east side of the house.

Suddenly one of Mom’s chicken’s decided to run to the front yard, just spread her wings out and took off running, sort of like an airplane heading for a take-off.

That is when Hank took off.

That boy is fast, I can give him credit for that!

Mom saw Hank and knew just what he had in his little Hank pea-brain.

“HANK!” she yelled “You have better not……………………………………!!!!”

She got to where the chicken was —– just after Hank got there.

I sure didn’t know Mom knew how to play football, and I think Boomer and Hank didn’t know it either, but hummm, well she must, because she tackled that dog just as he was trying to dodge around Mom.

The chicken squawked and flapped and ran fast as her hen legs could carry her to the hen house, the other three chickens squawking and clacking right along with her.

Hank found out that attacking Mom’s chickens is a serious crime on our farm and doing so will get a guy in big trouble.

Mom feeds those chickens and pets on the hens every day.  Every day she gets anywhere from three to four eggs from them and she takes a very dim view on anything that wants to hurt (eat) her hens!

A VERY dim view!

Hank found out how dim her view can be.

So now Hank can’t come over if the chickens are out.

No siree.



18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Hank and the Chickens

  1. My cousin had a stray turn up at his place back some years ago, who was about Hank’s size….they named him Headlight, because he had a white spot right between his eyes. Headlight was a good old dog (mostly), but, as Jerry used to say, he was always a little “hard on chickens…”
    Hank might not ever learn…no matter how hard he tries. I’m sure he *wants* to be a Good Dog!


  2. Fuzzy, you are the best canine story teller i have ever read after! I could just see the whole plot unfold. We have a naughty chicken dog too, named Sadie, and she has to be kept right away from the hens.


  3. I’ve never seen a live chicken but if they are anything like the birds at the beach I just can’t imagine chasing them and eating them. I like the canned chicken a lot. Not so much the canned duck though. I’ve made my tastes known so mom no longer brings that type home anymore.

    Have a great weekend. Our weather is supposed to be really rainy so I won’t get to walk around the neighborhood with dad but we’ll all be together and that’s what I like best.


  4. Oh, I’m glad your Mom got Hank stopped in time! (Psst, I kinda like chickens, too, so the hens are fenced in) Glad your mom was able to ‘yell’ at Hank…my mom can’t yell at me..she has laryngitis!!!
    Yea! Ya’all keep Hank in line.
    Your friend,


  5. This is a site that has a video about how to train dogs not to kill chickens.

    I don’t even have a dog these days, but I paid the money and watched the video. The fellow is very sincere about his methods (no dogs or chickens are harmed) and I think it might work. I already knew and had tried all the ways that don’t work, which are listed on the site. And he’s right, they don’t work, and some are very embarrassing. Like sitting on my son’s Blue Heeler and beating her with the chicken she’d just killed, when a truckload of farm guys drove by. Maybe it did have an unseen good effect, they all said “Yes, maam” after that. We had several dogs over the years that were very good with the birds, and never had one that would try to break into a pen. The Blue Heeler was mostly a control freak when the birds were out.

    You just can’t take a chance with your little hens, though, they are so fragile. Guess Hank’s in the dog house.


  6. Cute post, Fuzzy…. Do you think Hank got the message that MOM said NO that he couldn’t chase or eat or even play with the chickens????? Hopefully, he did!!!! I know that you and Boomer would hate to see Hank hurt one of the chickens. SO—you two need to keep training Hank to be NICE when he is visiting you.



  7. Thanks for the story. Always good. Golly those hens need to be guarded with a dog up to no good, hawks that can swoop in before you can even see their shadow and who knows what other danger is out there.


  8. It sounds as if Mom got to Hank in just the nick of time. After that tackle he probably doesn’t want to even look at another hen again. Thanks for sharing this story with us, and try to help Hank stay out of trouble in the future.


  9. Hi Fuzzy – Bug here. I’m going to tell my mom about that chicken chasing video up there. We have a new dog here on our farm – Gypsy, and she’s going to have to learn not to chase chickens. My mom is fixing to get some hens for us. Gypsy caught one of our neighbor’s roosters that came onto our land. I sure hope she can learn not to chase Mom’s new chickens!

    Me? I won’t chase the chickens. I’m old, and I’m very little – the chickens might chase me!


  10. Oh my, that must have been some sight, seeing mom dive on Hank! I hope she didn’t hurt herself. Diving onto the ground is tough on anyone but the very young. I’m glad she intercepted Hank though, a chicken killing dog will just not do! I understand about her chickens–I have four myself and they are pets with names.


  11. Hank ol boy, sorry you’re in the doghouse with the chickens and their mom. Chickens are trouble, Hank. I know, i know, ‘friends’ keep telling you “Just one won’t hurt” or “C’mon, everyone’s doin’ it”. So you try one. Then the need for chicken escalates, and you HAVE TO have one everyday. Pretty soon, it’s like a bag of Lay’s–“No one can eat just one.” Yup, chickens are sheer trouble, mister. At some point though, you have to just quit cold poultry.

    Hopefully you can find yourself a real nice recovery residence. Here we have a place called “Chick Shadel”. Get yourself some help, buddy, and you will be all the better for it. Mom and the Chickens will forgive you. And better yet, you’ll be able to hang out with Boomer and Fuzzy any ol’ time you want. Even if the chickens are in the yard. 🙂


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