First Bike

All she wanted for her fourth birthday was a big girl bike, with two baskets! One to carry pink poodle in and one to put pretty rocks into.

All that  tricycle riding last year paid off with this bike…she only had trouble going UP hill everything else—turning corners, going down hill, stopping were a breeze!



22 thoughts on “First Bike

  1. Poof . . . and the Fairy Princess turns into a little girl on a big girl bike!! Tis a rite of passage that occurs right before our eyes well before we know it! Cherish the moments!! 🙂


  2. she looks happy and oh so innocent.
    i wonder how long it will be before she trades bike with two baskets, for a saddle with two saddle-bags and ‘my friend flicka’ or ‘black-beauty’

    how old were you the first time you sat in the saddle?

    David in Maine USA


  3. When she’s big enough to pass that bike on to the next small one, there will probably be something left of it. Not so with little boys’ bikes. Boys are so hard on bicycles and umbrellas.


  4. There’s not much left to say…. everyone has done a beautiful job of putting this momentous event into words. I think we all remember how we felt when we got that first bike. Have fun watching her!!


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