What Do Cats Do When It Is Warm Outside


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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Oh, by the way, the other guy’s Insurance Inspector came up yesterday afternoon, looks like we are going to get our gated pipe replaced and all of the fences.

Keep your fingers crossed, that is what he said anyway.  Now we just wait and see if it really happens!



20 thoughts on “What Do Cats Do When It Is Warm Outside

  1. Ahh sunshine. Haven’t seen any here yet and I wish if it was going to be gloomy we’d get moisture. So goes the weather. Glad the insurance is going to cough up the dough – as they should!!!


  2. Cats know how to enjoy—sunshine spots on the floor, a soft blanket, the warm spot by the stove and—-spring sunlight. Ahhhhhh!

    I’m hoping for good news to be final new for you and the fire disaster.


  3. I couldn’t help but wonder if the fence builder is related to the guy who caused the problem in the first place. You’d have to check that out here. Also, you’d have to have it in writing just exactly what the specs for the fence are, or you’d get something thrown up by a company that usually does landscaping instead of someone who actually knows what it takes to keep a cow in. I’m so hoping you make out well on this and don’t have to do all the work yourselves. Or undo the insurance company’s attempts. People just have no idea what farmers have to put up with.


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