The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Mom Gets a Present

Shannon found a rooster!  She brought it over to our house.  The poor thing is in pretty bad shape…someone cut off his comb and his wattles;

he had no tail feathers

and had been de-clawed.

Mom asked Shannon where she found this damaged rooster.   He was running down the highway as fast as his legs could carry him, so she stopped and walked back to where he was hiding under a big weed along the bar ditch and just picked him up.

He is very tame.

He is also in a healthy condition (considering).

“You have just saved this bird from being killed,” Mom said.

“I know he could have been smashed on the highway.”  Shannon replied.

“Hummm, no.  I think you have a rooster that escaped from a rooster fighting ring.”

“Well, he is safe with me now.”

She put him in her car and took him home!

So that wasn’t a present for Mom

Both Boomer and I thought that was good, we don’t want a rooster here.

The next day…..

We went down to see how the rooster was doing and we found out that Shannon now has A TOM TURKEY AND TWO TURKEY HENS!!  (Mom forgot her camera!)

They were living in a tiny, tiny cage so Shannon and Buddy told the people they would give them a home.

Now that is an animal paradise…7 hens and a rooster, one tom turkey and 2 hens, plus three dogs and two cats that had been dumped at their place!

We have three hens and two cats and us…that works for Boomer and me.  It is just the right amount of animals at our place.

Dad is working on getting all the pinto beans in the ground, he has decided not to plant alfalfa this year; he is putting everything into corn and pinto beans.  That leaves one alfalfa field.  Next year he will plant one of the big fields into alfalfa, if the water situation is better.

We went out and changed the water while Dad planted.

No present for Mom out there, but it sure was pretty.

The next day….

Mom went over to visit a friend of hers and see her yard.  She has several acres of beautiful plants.  The cactus beds were just blooming.  Mom says Sheryl’s yard is the local botanical gardens.

No present for Mom there, except the beauty of flowers for the soul.

Two days later

Mom told Dad that she had to use her last two strings of twine on the chicken pen.  Two of the strings had gotten old and were hanging down causing the chickens to think they had a couple of new toys.

Dad got a big smile on his face and asked Mom to come with him out to the new tractor shed.

Off they went….there in the middle of the drive way sat….


Delighted Mom asked him where he found it.

“Oh, I had it stuck back here out of the way” Dad replied.

“Well, this is just perfect….I do not have to wait until first cutting of hay, and I’m not using a good roll!”

Mom happily picked up the loose wobbly roll and carried it to her shed!


and I did that happy dance with Mom!



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Mom Gets a Present

  1. Poor little rooster… That’s sad… Glad Shannon will keep him and give him a good home…. Seems like lots of people have learned about Shannon’s home being a haven for unwanted animals… Glad she can do it… That is such an important ministry of sorts…

    Glad Mom got her twine. Seemed like Christmas I’m sure!!!! ha

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend–and stay cool (going to be almost 90 here).. Yipes!!!


  2. I’m glad there was finally a present at the end of that rainbow of events—and a very good one. Yay! Your smile says it all, Boomer.

    I’m still wondering how Mom was walking around without her camera attached to her hand. Heh.
    Hoping for rain for those dry fields.


  3. Blessings on Shannon!! poor little rooster sounds like he was truly being tortured.
    Sheryl’s garden is Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing those pictures.
    Big hugs for T – bet he was tickled to surprise “Mom”.
    What a great way to start the weekend 🙂


  4. It’s hard to believe how cruel people can be, but it’s always good to be reminded that there are many more good people who take good care of them.


  5. Good on Shannon for rescuing that poor rooster. Such cruel things happen in the world don’t they. It’s nice to know he and the other needy animals are under such kind care now. It is indeed an animal paradise.

    You look like a young handsome puppy in that photo where your Dad was changing the water Fuzzy! Oh, and Boomer, as always, looks sweet and handsome.

    Your Mom is right about Sheryl’s garden – it’s gorgeous and it would be fascinating to wander through as well.

    Wow, now that was some surprise all right! Your Dad had obviously been saving that treat up for quite a while. Isn’t it beaut how Dads know just what Moms want ?!!! Happens over here too and it’s not necessarily chocolates either.

    Bye for now 🙂 xx


  6. You got a treasure……like I did….only I got mine YEARS ago and there is still miles of it. Poor rooster. I’d love to know what that pink flowering cactus is. Our ball cactus is the only think with a pink bloom.


  7. My goodness, that poor rooster!! So glad Shannon found him and will give him a happy life.
    The blooming cactus garden is so beautiful. I am VERY happy Mom got some twine..I was really feeling sorry for her! So nice of Dad having some for her.
    Fuzzy, you still look so very handsome after your your fur colors! Boomer looks like he’s having lots of fun.
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.


  8. A rooster (and yes that was one used for fighting with those things done – not a good thing that there is a fighting ring around you) AND bailing twine! Wow what a great bunch of gifts. The cactus garden is just lovely and I see Fuzz got his summer “do”.


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