The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Holes

I’ve been thinking….

We need to talk about holes!

Fuzzy and I like holes!

We use them for resting in!

We use them when it’s too hot to breathe!

We use them when we are bored.


Sometimes when it is over the head HOT, we look for other cool places to lay…

Fuzzy likes under the pickup.  I’ve tried to lay under there with him, but he gets all grouchy and snaps and growls at me so I don’t go under.

I like this spot…

Especially after Mom has just watered

This beats Fuzzy’s spot all to pieces, but I won’t tell him, he will make me move.


P.S. A bear came down and visited.  We were DELIGHTED.  We barked lots and lots.  He stayed the WHOLE night and left around the gray of morning light.

Cool!  Neither Fuzzy or I have EVER seen a bear before!



12 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Holes

  1. Thanks for telling us about those holes (complete with photos) and favourite spots to lay down in the heat Boomer!
    … and…. Wow – I was blown away by the BEAR too!!! Oh my goodness, what a cool visitor – haha, I bet you both did a lot of ‘talking’ to it 🙂


  2. Tucker here, you are so right about the holes. I have one in the back yard, under a tree. Mom seems OK with my messing up the grass – less for her to cut. A bear? Oh my! I would love to bark at a bear… from the safety of my porch, or maybe while standing behind my mom!


  3. Hey Boomer. You are a great blogger, as usual. My dogs always had holes. There may be some still left in the yard. I miss the dogs. A BEAR… you really saw a REAL BEAR???? that is both exciting and scary. Please be careful. I’m glad Mom got the picture. It’s a big bear.


  4. Thanks Boomer for yet another good post. Far as I know we don’t have any bears ’round here, but once in a while there’s a lion…


  5. Boomer, tell momma that my chickens love when I water their chicken run in the summer. Makes the ground all nice and cool–just like under your bench.
    Also tell Momma that the bear would scare the stuffing out of me and to be careful. Why would a bear be coming to the house??


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