The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Got Ya

Now as everyone knows, it’s been hot here!

Hot and dry!

Dry and Hot!

Did I tell you it has been very hot and dry here?

Well, it has.

Still the work has to go on.

We are still changing water every eight hours.

Boomer and I LOVE to change water.

We were out with Mom and Dad changing water last evening when Boomer hollered that Pete and Polly were over at the old apricot tree!

I didn’t go see them; the bubbles in the water were more fun.

Boomer said he just barked “Hello” and went on his way…there were lots of things to smell out in the equipment yard:

  • The bunnies have had more babies
  • Two more ground squirrels have set up home next to the leveler
  • The badger has two little badgers hanging in the badger hole
  •  Nope, still no coyotes…..yet (we hope they don’t come back…they can live in the draw or the canyon, but not here, please!)
  • Hummmm, the raccoons and the fox were fighting over the fallen apricots
  • The big buck deer is sleeping in the middle of the corn field
  • There are two new fawns

You know lots and lots of news.

A whole bunch of storm clouds blew in around the two o’clock setting that afternoon.

It cooled down real nice.

Then suddenly the heavens broke loose…thunder, lightning (shudder, shiver, pant, panic) and big wind.  Boomer and I headed indoors to be with Mom.  Thunder doesn’t bother Boomer at all. Nothing really bothers Boom, outside of some men and some boys in caps and the garage other than that…he is always happy!

While we were inside it rained!!

Yippee!  Mom and Dad were so happy they sat outside and watched it rain.  Lots of rain, really nice rain!  (Oh and when they went outside I (and Boomer) had to go outside with them (shudder) because I am NOT leaving Mom when there is thunder in the sky!!!!


Then Mom saw it……

A RAINBOW!  Just as the sun was starting to set!

“A perfect ending to a perfect day”, Mom said.

Just then the phone rang….it was Mom-mom, seems that Hank Puff met Pete and Polly.

(Taken with a cell phone)

Which reminds me, we did hear Hank sort of barking and yipping down at his house, but since there was so much thunder I didn’t really listen to him.

I keep telling that boy, he can’t chase everything, nor can he bite at everything.

(taken with a cell phone)

Boomer asked me later, just as we were going to sleep…



“Do you think Hank Puff has learned his lesson about trying to catch everything that walks close to him?”

“I don’t know, Boomer.  I really don’t know”



30 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Got Ya

  1. Hooray for the rain. OMG… poor Hank – although I have to say that he doesn’t look too upset in the picture! He reminds me of a dog we had that would barrel through anything and was always happy! I guess someone had a fun pulling all of those quills out!


  2. Sooooo happy for your rain!! How much did you get? Don’t worry, Fuzzy, Lucky doesn’t like thunder either…she crawls behind the refrigerator in the garage when anything goes “bang”.
    Poor, poor Hank!! Hope he has learned from this experience.
    Hope you get more rain, then send it on to hot, dry here.


  3. So glad to hear that you got some rain even though the thunder was scary. Tripper and I were never bothered by thunder but I hear that the dog before Tripper, Bandit the Border Collie, was. He would chew through houses to get to mom. Poor poor Hank. Did he have to go to the vet? *shudder*

    Take care,


  4. Good job reporting the news, Fuzzy. I’m glad you and Boomer didn’t meet up with the porcupine. I’ve never seen one. I don’t know if they live here in Iowa or not.


  5. Congrats on the rain —and rainbow!!!!!!

    Oh My Goodness… how to they get those porcupine quills out? Vet? Poor Hank… Do you think he has learned his lesson???? Yipes!

    Have a good weekend.


  6. Fuzzy, you are an excellent journalist!! I enjoyed reading about all the baby critters. Poor Hank, oh, I hope he learns his lesson. Rain sounds great, we are very dry in SW Oklahoma. Maybe next week.


  7. My husband used to live in Idaho Springs when he was a kid and they had a Big dog who got ahold of a porcupine. The dog ate it, and they pulled like 2000 quilss from all over and out of his throat.


  8. You almost threw me off wondering who Pete and Polly were when you talked about the other wildlife. Sorry for Hank, but if he’s like the Airedale my brother once had, he may never learn about porcupines. Some dogs just don’t get it. (The Airedale had the same problem with skunks.) Glad you got some rain, yay!!!


  9. Poor Hank, that looks very uncomfortable. I’m sure my dog, Pebbles, is glad there are no porcupines in this part of the world. The most prickly thing she encounters is a wee hedgehog now an again. And by the way she gets most agitated in the thunder too. We had some thunder yesterday and she didn’t like it one bit. Glad you have some rain at last.


  10. Hi Linda, I’m surprised you have porcupines in your area-I would have never thought it possible. We are getting afternoon rains as well and it is so nice.So glad no fires have come near you! Glad they are out on this side of the Rockies as well.
    Happy Weekend.


  11. Wasn’t that rain glorious!?!?!? Love it! I got a picture of the rainbow too. Just beautiful! Poor, poor Hank! I haven’t seen porcupines up here but I had two baby skunks on my front porch last night. 🙂


  12. Amusing indeed with the dog, Hank, has learnt not to tangle with porcupines!
    The porcupine will always win.
    Some dogs never learn. We had a cocker spaniel way back in the 1950’s, Phillip!
    He would roll after his bath and grooming in the burr patches and end up like the Hank
    with quills all over him. Except these were burrs,Then it was to remove them. He squealed like holy hell. That was the job of us kids. One squealling dog, yelling bloody murder as the prickles/burrs were pulled out of his ears and all over. After the deed was done, on most occasions he went to ” relieve” the pain, back to roll in another patch! Our cattle and sheep dogs had far more sense.
    Unfortunately Phillip took on a “Joe Blake” and the ” Joe Blake” won. Exit from this world one, Phillip. Given I might add with many tears shed, a very formal burial.
    Then the search for the “Joe Blake” . One big red-bellied black snake was found in the wood pile and dispatched to ” snake hell” ( wherever that may be). However, where there is one “Joe Blake” there is also a Mrs. ” Joe Blake” . So whether the real killer was caught, we’ll never know.

    Anyhow, great to know that Colorado is at long last and especially your farm has got rain.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


  13. Aw thanks Fuzzy for this week’s post. A beautiful rainbow after all that lovely rain.
    Poor Hank… I was real amazed at what happened to him – all from a porcupine – wow! He looks so funny but, oh dear, I guess he must feel sore so I suppose I shouldn’t laugh. Cheers for now 🙂


  14. SO very glad y’all got some rain!! Was it measurable? I hope so!
    As for Hank–My vet has a jar of quills in his waiting room. Says most dogs are so angry about being quilled that they’ll go after the darn animal that did it, time and time again. They just know the animal hurt them. Always the same dog, too. Could be two or three dogs in the family, but it’s always the same dog that needs the quills removed. I do hope Hank is okay.


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