The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Happy Birthday to Fuzzy

I’m now 12 (twelve) that 72 years old in dog years! But let me tell you…I’m a very active 12 year old….I do all sorts of stuff…irrigate, herd the chickens when Mom tells me too, bark the mailman down the lane, bark the hay customers clear to the hay yard, bark at the birds as the swoop around catching bugs…I have lots of jobs and I do all of them well!!!

Yes, I take naps, and yes I like to sleep, but it’s so very hot everybody likes to sleep, not just me!! Huff! Huff!

Since I turned twelve my Mom decided that I needed a Birthday Party…Misty and Shannon said it needed to be at the lake because I LOVE WATER!!!!

So last evening, when the broiling sun had been covered up with the clouds, around 4 o’clock, off we all went to the lake.

What wonderful time I had!!!

What a great time everyone else had.

Except Boomer!

Boomer doesn’t like water, he can swim, but he prefers to not get his feet wet if he can help it.

He says he would rather gather news than get in the water where everything smells WET!

But Mom-mom made him go in…he tolerated it.

There was this rock in the water Boomer wanted to stand on so his feet wouldn’t get wet, I don’t see how much good that would do, his feet might be dry, but he was still surrounded by water.

Anyway, I had a great time!  No, heck!  I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!

Happy Birthday to me!



23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Happy Birthday to Fuzzy

  1. Happy Birthday, Fuzzy…. You are two years older than I will be in August…..

    Glad you had a nice birthday party–and like the water so well… Why does Boomer not like water? Crazy doggie!!!!! Most dogs do like water, don’t they???? BUT–we all have our likes and dislikes –even doggies…

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Happy Birthday Fuzzy!
    That looks like so much fun. I would have been in the water just like you once I got over the fear of it or if someone threw a ball in it. If you throw a ball anywhere I go get it. Maybe, that’s my job? To fetch errant balls. Boomers job is to sniff out the news. I would think that would be pretty hard in the water.


  3. Oh Yes, Sweet Fuzz… Happy Birthday to You!!! sending lots of love and hugz and a big kiss, too.
    btw, 12 is still very young-ish for a dog of your vitality 😉


  4. Boomer was a good friend to help you celebrate your birtthday when he really didn’t like water!!! He’s a good friend!! I’m glad you had a good,gun birthday!!!


  5. Oh a late Happy Birthday Fuzzy – we’ve been away for a while, so have only just seen your special birthday post.
    What a great idea for a party too. You all look like you’re having fun … I bet Boomer enjoyed feeling a bit cooler even though it meant getting wet!
    Tell your Mum I really enjoyed her photos too. Bye for now 🙂


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