The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Nessa Visits

We had company…..Nessa from It’s a Dog’s Life and her Mom, Michele!

How cool is THAT!?!

Nessa came ALL THE WAY FROM HOUSTON, TEXAS, just to see US!

Since we live way out in the country Mom went to town to show Nessa and her Mom the way to our farm.  Fuzzy and I didn’t know Nessa was coming so when Nessa and her Mom drove into the driveway and stopped and got out…WE WERE SURPRISED!

Pleasantly so!

After supper Hank Puff and his family walked over so Hank Puff could meet Nessa for himself.

They are the same size.

We all had fun!

Nessa did really well for never having seen a farm or a ditch or a gated pipe and she didn’t even get any stickers in her fur.

Fuzzy sometimes does, but not often anymore.  Fuzzy doesn’t run around like he used to and nothing sticks to my fur.  Fuzzy and I were a tad bit concerned that Nessa would get stickers, but she didn’t want to go into the corn field or even get off the ditch bank road or even really leave her Mom.

Nessa did like getting a drink of really cold water from the gated pipe though.

That was cool.  We stayed with her.  We have manners, company always comes first.

The next day Mom, Fuzzy and I lead Nessa and her Mom off our mesa (that is where our farm is (to the road that will take her to Clifton, then on to Salt Lake City and from there to Boise and from there to Oregon).   Sure sounded like a long, long, long ways from here.

Nessa said she likes riding with her Mom wherever her Mom wants to go.

Bye Nessa!  Fuzzy and I enjoyed your visit very much!



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Nessa Visits

  1. It sounds like a great trip! Some day, Tucker and Gypsy want to come visit! Tucker said he would love running through the corn fields and getting full of stickers. That’s his sort of thing!


  2. What a special visit!! It’s nice to meet your blog friends. 🙂 Nessa looks like a sweet dog…glad you enjoyed her visiting you.
    Beautiful moon shot! And your hollyhocks are stunning!


  3. It is always incredibly cool to meet blog folks (and dogs). you guys are really lucky! I treasure every one of my blog friends, but the handful I have actually met are a special delight.


  4. Nice to catch up here… always lots of great pictures and stories (o:
    Nessa look just like my Grand dog Callie. Labradoodle! I love her but she can knock me over in her exuberance to see me (o:


  5. Fuzzy, you and Boomer have such wonderful manners. How lovely for you to meet a blogging friend, and such wonderful photos. Glad to see everyone on the farm is surviving this hot, humid summer. Mom’s Hollyhocks are beautiful. Greetings from hot humid Maine, Julie.


  6. Hi Boomer and Fuzzy,
    It was really great to meet you. I liked the farm a lot and you were all so nice to me and my mom. Hank Puff was a real gentleman and it was great to meet his kids. They really liked to pat my head. I would sure like it for you to come down to visit with me though I would totally understand if you don’t want to leave the farm…it’s awesome.



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