The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fuzzy Plays a Trick on Boomer

It’s fall here!

Thank Heavens…June and July has been hugely unpleasant…searing heat, brutal winds, lots forest fires and No rain.

Lots of colorful plants starting to show up, and the rain!  Plus now we have mosquitoes. That isn’t good, but we will take it.

But that’s okay; Boomer and I are really enjoying ourselves!

Although, I have to admit, when Hank shows up, or any of Shannon’s dogs, Balou, Rock (two Rottweilers) and Huston (the most beautiful dog in the world) Boomer sorts of forgets what we were doing and goes off with his head cut off, so to speak.

Let’s see by his self, Boomer is intelligent, courteous, and resourceful, but when others show up, simple things, like going for a walk to the upper-end turns into a five-hour energy drink.

First Boomer and Hank, and Balou and Rock have to pee on everything.

And I do mean EVERYTHING… their Mom and my Mom have to make sure they move quickly through the yard, past all of Dad’s equipment, the sheds, the tires on every piece of vehicle and the grain bins.

I don’t know what is worse…tires or the grain bins for being pee magnates.

I’ve tried to keep up with them, but my leg doesn’t raise real high anymore so I have to settle for a shot in the dark.  Sometimes that’s not good…I miss.  Where I’ve been aiming I sometimes get myself. 😦

Mom told me I don’t need to keep up with everyone and just walk with her, then I don’t have to ‘raise the leg’ all the time, so speak.

Mom says all the dogs’ together act like a pack of boys—joking, poking, wrestling, and laughing.  Only with us dogs, it’s sniffing, running into the corn to follow a sent, jumping into the canal (only Hank, Balou, and Houston like to jump into the canal).  But they make a huge splash when they do it.

Boomer and I don’t jump in and neither does Rocky…Rocky’s hip hurts so jumping into way-over-your-head, very fast running water is not something he likes to do, then climbing out a grass covered slick, steep side of the canal isn’t fun either.

Boomer doesn’t like water.

I don’t even get in the irrigation ditches anymore, it’s for sure I won’t do the canal.  My 40 pounds wouldn’t last long in that thundering mess.

Then Boomer and Houston (she is a hound breed also) take off baying and following who knows what.   Sometimes they forget how far they travel and we have to wait while Mom and Shannon holler until they come back.

Walks like that are Bizarre!

The ones I like the best are the ones with just Boomer and I and Mom.  We find lots of stuff to look at; Boomer has learned to travel off but not go too far as he might miss out on something.

At the end of all our fields are waste ditches…these are the ditches that take the water, which is running through the fields, back into the canal.

I really like these ditches…they are just right to jump in and chase bubbles and cool your feet off.

So yesterday I was doing just that as Boomer was sniffing around to learn what he could learn. At the culvert I decided to play a trick on Boomer…I stuck my head into the culvert, came back out, looked at Mom and barked like something really neat was in there.

Mom threw a little clod of dirt into the water so I barked again…Boomer had to come running to see what was up…

Mom threw a clod at the other end of the culvert…

Boomer stuck his head to see if he could see something really cool.

So I barked real loud and scared Boomer.

He jumped as high as Mom’s knee….

We all had a great laugh…even Boomer…he rolls with everything!  Boomer is so much fun!

After we walked home, Mom, Boomer and I cut the sweet corn stalks from the garden to take them to Mom-mom’s goats!

Oh, yes…and Mom saw a RAINBOW!!

Make it TWO rainbows!!



13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fuzzy Plays a Trick on Boomer

  1. Hahahaha! What a joke you two played on Boomer! I’m glad he enjoys a joke too, even if it’s on him. Yay! for the rainbows. We have big black clouds here but nothing comes out of them except lightning.


  2. We’re moving from Illinois to Montrose next week, and I can’t tell you how much your blog has kept me going in these exhausting months of preparation! The sunsets, the fields, the sky, the peace…thank you!


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