The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Dogs

I like to think I have a good opinion of dogs, actually I think I am an expert on dogs.


(Boomie, lets go!   Come on it’s time to go!)

For what it is worth I think I’ll pass it on to you.



There are lots of breeds of dogs, lots!  But the best breed for you is one that you like…sometimes it’s a this or a that, and sometimes it’s a mutt.  It really doesn’t matter…it isn’t color, it isn’t size, it isn’t how much or how little you spend for the dog…its that you like the dog.


(COME ON! Boo–mie!)

Male or female…you must like the dog!

That is the most important thing in deciding. Opinions vary on what good dogs are –night watchman, herding dog, guarding dog, best friend, hunting companion, and so forth. A family dog comes down to three things…calm disposition, eagerness to be with you, and the dog wants to listen to you.


(We will wait for you, just run, Boomie!  RUN FAST!)

Just like people dogs have personalities…pick the one that has the personality you like.

Once you get your dog, realize your dog is your friend for life….don’t just throw us into the back yard and never talk to us again, or randomly bring a dog dish with food and water out to us and hurry back in because we might ‘get you dirty’-or some such thing.

Don’t get a dog because you can afford to pay $7,000.00 and then never even look to see if the dog is cold, hungry or lonesome.


(Your are just about here!  COME ON!)

Please don’t.

We dogs LOVE being with you, having lots of pets, being hugged on and hugging you back!

If you get a dog, please teach your children to have respect for dogs. Pulling ears, tails, and feet can get a child snapped at, don’t get in front of the dog and pant at him/her and not expect the dog to respond back to the teasing with a sharp bite —more than likely to the face.

You teach us dogs that you love us and we will be your guardian angels for as long as our bodies hold out.


(Oh, good!  You made it!)

Each of us dogs has a unique personality, our own quirks, habits, strengths, and weaknesses. We are living animals that respond to your environment and we do not see the world like you do. It’s up to the human to work at understanding us, just like we desire to understand you!

Oh, yes, and having a dog in not a cheap hobby to get rid of by dumping us off somewhere when you are tired of us. We need to be with you for life.  And it takes money to have us…food, water, grooming, sometimes vet bills, but I promise you we will return the love to you 100 times over.

(I’m always glad when you get back on time!)

We dogs improve with use…the more you play with us, pet us, and take us with you, the better we get. Just like you we need stimulation, discipline, and a sense of purpose!

If you decide you don’t want your dog anymore, please don’t dump your dog. Find your dog a home, there are lots of good homes out there that want to spend it with dog.  Please find that home first…the world is cruel to a dumped dog.


(Hey, Boomie! LOOK!  SNAKE!  COOL!  Fuzzy)

Fuzzy and I were lucky…we found Mom and Dad, but like I said we were lucky.

Life is short….spend it with a good dog!




14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Dogs

  1. Wow – you have excelled yourself. Truer words have never been so eloquently written.
    I suggest you place this blog entry in a dog book and have placed at pet shops where
    people purchase pets but then have not a clue what to do with them.
    Absolutely brilliant, Linda. Take a bow.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)


  2. Wonderful post; I heard a friend once say that they had a dog that was a biter so they dumped it in the mountains-I lost so much respect for that person when I heard that. Hope you have a great weekend Linda.


  3. I’m not ready for another dog yet, but I watch Cesar Millan all the time. He does such a good job of training people to be better; it’s usually not the dog that has a personality problem.


  4. Great post, Fuzzy and Boomer! I agree, we all need to respect and love our dog friends. My hubby and I miss having a dog, and hope we can get another canine friend one of these days.


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