The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fall Work

Well, let’s see….first off Boomer and I helped Mom clean the chicken house.  Boomer really doesn’t help; he just bounces around in the house while I am looking for mice. If I see mice, I grab them up and snap them.  Mom says I’m a very good mouser.

(Although, I don’t see as well anymore, but don’t tell Mom, I don’t want her to not let me come in to the hen house with her and hunt mice.    I talked to Boomer about my ‘little problem’ and he said he would watch me and try to do what I do.)

Anyway, there was only one mouse; Mom said the two snakes that had been living in the chicken house have done a good job.  She dreads this winter when the mice will run all over the place again.

Mom washed out and cleaned all of the live traps because they now have to take the place of the hibernating snakes.

Then we got on the four-wheeler and headed up to where Dad is re-building fence….remember that huge fire we had last spring?  Actually two huge fires?  Well, the main fence that runs along the west of the place still hasn’t been fixed.  Long story.

The damaged fences on the top of our place Dad has decided we better remove.  He says we won’t have cows anymore so he is taking down the fences that have huge fire damaged wire. The range cows won’t have to be fenced out of the fields because they come in the winter and run the whole place anyway.

Lots of work, but necessary, you can’t have a cow or calf walk on a burned and down fence, get tangled in the barbed-wire and go down, get cut up, and hurt.

No, sir!

So we are all helping Dad.

I sit by the four-wheeler lots, unless Mom moves somewhere then I go with her.  Boomer runs around, gets the news then comes back and tells me what’s happening out there.

We work until sunset.

The corn is drying down well.

Before supper Shannon comes over and we take a walk with all of her dogs.  We like walking with ‘the pack’.

Hank even comes with us!

OH! YES!  The old tree that was burn last year by our second huge fire the next day…IT IS COMING BACK!  Mom was so happy she petted that tree!

Lots of our farm neighbors have told us how they miss that tree…well maybe it will be back stronger than ever.

Mom said we will just have to wait and see!

(That’s the fixed fence the ditch company burned and have now RE-BUILT!)


19 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fall Work

  1. Great post, Fuzzy!! I especially like the part about the chicken house and the mice and snakes!!! Take care of yourself, I know about needing help seeing sometimes!! Have a fun weekend,


  2. I love fuzzy and Boomer on Frisays! Thanks for the fun story and great pics! I love to see what goes on at your farm from the dogs perspective!


  3. What great news about the land and the tree coming back. Nature is wonderful in the ability to heal. Keep catching those mice. Sometimes humans want to bring in cats to do the job.


  4. Well, fuzzy and Boomer , you’ve given a good description of what is going on around the farm. The sky picture with all the jet trails is amazing.


  5. Nice, tidy chook house, plenty of cut grass to scratch in – but snakes in there, obviously not carpet snakes or pythons?
    Anyhow whatever species of snakes, at least they were good ‘micers’ or is that ‘mousers’!


  6. Lots of work but Mom sure appreciates the help. Fuzzy you are lucky to have Mom and Boomer to watch out for you and they will. I’m with you guys, we are being overrun with mice right now and I need a mouser badly!


  7. So glad at least one fence is rebuilt and the tree is popping back up. It is so heartbreaking to lose a good tree. A lot of us don’t see as well as we used to, but I’ll bet you get plenty of mice just the same.


  8. Such good news that the tree is coming back. It’s always a thrill when something like that happens.
    We had lots of mice in the chook yard this past Winter Fuzzy – oh boy were they a nuisance. Interesting how the snakes took care of yours… guess they were too busy feasting on mice and didn’t bother with the eggs?
    Loved seeing your photos and say hi to your Mum from me. Cheers from Australia :D)


  9. Linda…I have to take your posts one at a time till I catch up. I have company coming in one hour and I have to vacuum and take a shower! But, I wanted to get started on my catching up. I love your blog and always like to take the time to read everything and enjoy it all. I hope you will bear with me–I definitely will look at them all, and comment, too! 🙂 LOVE the pictures….Fuzzy and Boomer are both a huge help! I know things are starting to get back to normal with the fires long past, and the rain holding off when you needed it to! Love the photo of the corn…it looks like a tunnel. Have a great weekend! Go ahead and check out my blog. I have managed to keep posting, though right now it will be about a week before I get caught up with everyone else’s blogs 🙂 All my best–


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