A Short Note on Our Trip

One of the things Terry enjoyed on the trip was going through Idaho…and the reason why…

They were doing potatoes

Who could ask for more?!



12 thoughts on “A Short Note on Our Trip

  1. I looked at the machine before a saw your caption. I wondered what in the world it was. Potatoes are grown here and we do have potato harvesters so maybe I should have known.


  2. I totally understand. My dad used to have my mom drive through farm land on Sunday afternoon. He had retired but still needed to know what was going on!! I love the big machine. Not growing potatoes in the south, I had no idea what it was!! Thanks.


  3. Linda: We’re about 45 min. NW of Palisades Rez. Those big spud combines have about taken command of every road in the area. Farmers get kinda nuts trying to get their crops in before the weather turns. But you wouldn’t know anything about that ;0)


  4. So a farmer’s holiday is — getting to see other farmer’s work? ;>) Did the whole place smell like just dug potatoes? We were in Idaho several years ago during potato harvest…and that’s what we found, KInd of nice actually.


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