The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Finishing Fall

Where to begin, where to begin…so much to do, so much to do….

Fuzzy and I have been helping put the farm to bed, there is much to do.  I just so enjoy all this ‘so much to do’ stuff.

Fuzzy and I go with Mom to do her jobs;

the biggest one was to gather all the siphon tubes from the four fields that use tubes for the irrigating of the seeds.

I tried to stay with Mom and Fuzzy but, hum mm, it was a tad hard when there is so MUCH TO DO out there!

Mom would get the tubes, load them up and then move on to the next level, this went on for some hours and well, and I got bored with the whole repetitious stuff so went hunting.

It was hot out there…68*, but after a rather chilly morning 68* is hot.  And there is no water anymore, since the crops are all gone.

It went like this….get on the four-wheeler drive to the next level of the ditch, get off, pick up all the tubes

(Not One Mouse Came Out Of The Tubes!!!  Fuzzy and I checked out every hole and every tube, but NOTHING!), get back on the four-wheeler drive to the next level blah, blah, blah.

So I headed off in search of news.

Gradually Mom and Fuzzy got way ahead of me, I had to walk lots to catch up…and I admit it made me a little mad so I decided I would just walk on by them and GO HOME!!!


But Mom kept calling and calling for me to come back…




I had to lick and dance all around her so she would know that I had forgiven her for LEAVING me AGAIN when it was SO HOT OUT HERE!

Then I realized that she wasn’t heading into the house and I had gotten mad for NOTHING!

After we got done Mom took us all for a ride.

Later on Hank and his girl kids came over to ride in the combine.  Hank said that he really enjoyed fall work.

We ran alongside the combine for a spell, and then we walked along the two fields of gated pipe checking to see if some critter had made a home in the pipe, Mom shut all the gates and closed the ends of the pipes. She said skunks, foxes, and other types of animals do not need to be living in the pipes over winter; they make huge nests that are very hard to get out come spring.

The fields that have dirt ditches have transmission pipe so Mom closed those ends off also.

Hank and I had a great time together.

After the last load was in the truck we all went home to rest.  Tomorrow Dad starts up the combine again, I’m sure there will be cool things to do once more.

Right now, Fuzzy and I are a tad tired so I have to go.





17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Finishing Fall

  1. Very informative post as always. I’ve never understood how irrigation worked with the pipes until you showed us, Hope no critters make them a winter home.


  2. Boomer, you and the fuzzy one are invaluable– after all eh, you both provide a distraction from the monotony of the work. See? Oh, and don’t be too upset with the heat. It’ll help Mum and Dad harvest a drier crop. And that’s very important.


  3. This has to be my best liked blog. I save up for a few weeks and then read them as a treat. My summers a spent in South Fork, so it very interesting to read about what is going on the other side of the mountains. Keep it this up you and the dogs offer is alway very interesting.


  4. Dear Boomer,
    I would have been glad to find no mice. I don’t like to be startled. It…well…startles me. Our weather got cold, for us, last week. Makes it nice when mom takes me for a walk. We have a new place now. I’m getting use to the place. Instead of waiting for mom at the big back door I wait for her at the front window.



  5. mercy me boomer, you two have been working hard helping mum.. now go give her a big kiss from miss c!! and then make her a cup of tea.. oo that rhymes, maybe I am a poet after all.. c


  6. I agree with the sheep lady. Friday is a treat!! I love your stories and how you help on the farm. I’m sure the kids had fun on that big John Deere combine. Looking forward to next Friday…..


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