The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Cow Dog to Farm Dog

The word “cowdog” did not exist in the English language until after the trail driving period of 1870 and the 1880s.

Today people understand that we dogs are important to help out on the farm and the ranch.


I was raised to be a help on the ranch.  For five years I lived with a wonderful old man, we were great friends and partners.  Then one day he passed on over the rainbow road and his kids didn’t want me.  They took me out to the country and dumped me out on the road.


I waited for days and days and days right at the spot they dumped me out.  Mom and Misty would try and try and try to get me to come to them, but I waited to have my people come pick me back up.


Finally I got too hungry…I was a bone, when Misty and Mom came out with ROAST BEEF…I couldn’t turn it down.

So now I’m a farm dog.


I love being a farm dog.  I still get to help out with the cows (not as many as I used to, and no horses, but that is okay.)

I still help haul hay and load hay, I help irrigate, and I go everywhere with Mom.

Now we have Boomer.

My best buddy in the whole wide world!


Boomer was a complete and total house dog.  He isn’t any more; he’s a farm dog also!


So I told you all of this to tell you… I’ve feeling really good!  My stitches are out….my scar is healing nicely and my fur is coming back!


We have another dog hanging around.  Mom is really worried about this dog…it is old, and thin, and very afraid of people.  This dog is wearing a collar so Mom is trying to catch the dog to see if she can find the people who own the dog —neighbor ???  dumped off???


And help the dog.

Boomer and I always ALERT Mom when the dog is on the property.  We sure hope to help this dog out.

I think this really old dog would love to be a Farm DOG!!!!



33 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Cow Dog to Farm Dog

  1. How wonderful of you two try. JT’s mom and brother took off with a beagle they shared a place in VT with none tied and all took iff probably after deer never to return I am so glad I bought JT with cash even from a friend she will never be that visiting dog you see 😦


  2. Glad you’re on the mend Fuzzy. A farm just wouldn’t be the same without a couple dogs. We have six but five are hunting dogs and Sassy is our cow dog though she sits and watches them most of the time. The calves like to chase her. Don’t you just hate when people dump dogs and cats. It’s just not right and those poor animals never know who to trust.


  3. Hi Guys! We love being farm dogs. There is SO much to do! We hope you can convince the Old Dog to come and have some dog food and a warm bed with you. You guys would take very good care of him.
    We have to go bark at something! Bye!
    Gus and Pickles


  4. Very sweet post about Fuzzy’s transformation from Cow Dog to Farm Dog. I’m thrilled he is almost back to normal playing with his very best friend.
    Maybe the old stray dog would enjoy roast beef as much as Fuzzy!


  5. Oh Fuzzy—-I didn’t know that you had been a Cow-dog…. How sad for your owners to just walk out and leave you… WHY do humans do that? GADS….

    Hope this new dog finds his home soon.. Bless his heart.. He probably could be a nice Farm-Dog also…



  6. Fuzzy, it was a bit sad to read your story but what a wonderful outcome for you. I hope that other dog that comes around will soon get rescued too. I’m sure you and Boomer will do your best to help him out.
    Glad to hear you are so much better and healing well. Take care.


  7. 2 of mine were ‘dumpees’, too. starving skin and bone on the back road. took 2 1/2 weeks of feeding 2 and sometimes 3 x a day to get them close enough to grab them and stuff them in the car to bring them home to run*a*round. best country dogs…


  8. Well, I know your Mom is glad you and Boomer are now Farm Dogs! Glad you’re feeling better. Hope you can help Mom catch the old dog so maybe you can help him. It makes me mad that people do that. Sure glad your Mom found you…….and that you had the good sense to let her help!


  9. Fuzzy is such a cute and very fluffy dog! I hope you can do something for that dog. I remember we took a cat in like that when I was a kid. The neighbor wasn’t feeding it and it was so skinny. I remember saving my snack for it. 🙂


  10. I wish all dogs, and cats, without families would be as lucky as you and Boomer. I can’t imagine how someone could dump a dog. You and Boomer are lucky that a wonderful family found both of you.


  11. Hi Fuzzy, I loved hearing your story-what a wonderful way to meet your forever family. Looks like you have the best family and farm in the world. I think your mom is pretty special; hope she is able to catch this old dog-looks so sad.
    Have a great weekend.


  12. I have never never understood people who dump dogs.. never.. I love fuzzy and boomer.. and i am sure that your stray yeller will be popping in for a feed sometime soon! c


  13. Photographer David R Stoecklin has a print called ‘Harry the Cow Dog’. I have a copy of it hanging on my wall, it reminds me of my Mac (who was a rescue too). A real nifty picture.


  14. Fuzzy, I’m glad to hear that you are getting better. I’m also glad to hear that you enjoy being a farm dog as much as you used to enjoy being a cow dog. It sounds as if you have been a good influence on Boomer. I hope you can help the old dog that comes around.


  15. All of our animals are rescue animals, I think its the only way to go! I hope you get that doggy squared away. How did you know where your dog came from, the back story? My mom in law, found a little chichiua dog that a man had thrown out his car window.


  16. One of my lifetime goals is to catch even ONE bozo in the act of tossing off an animal at our place. I have all the magic words saved up. His head will implode. Unfortunately, stray dogs are often shot around here. People have sheep. I’m so glad Fuzzy is feeling better.


  17. Fuzzy hope your mom can catch that dog and help him out. Shame on people that dump dogs out. They usually turn out to be the best dogs ever! They are so grateful and happy to find a loving person to take care of them. Glad you’re feeling better!


  18. Fuzzy, you are one of a kind and you both are great farm dogs. I’m hoping you can help your mom take care of the old dog. If someone dumped him out… GRRRRRRR!


  19. Thank goodness Boomers story had a happy ending, darling thing, and do hope you manage to connect with the poor old dog lurking… does this mean you may have another farm dog??? I actually hope so,,, sounds as though the poor old boy could do with some loving kindness XXX


  20. Never knew your story before, Fuzzy. Glad you are feeling better. We had a ‘conversion’ story of our own – a rescue farm dog that became a happy house dog, she had beautiful long black fur just like you and we miss her. In fact, you remind us of her all the time.


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