Sunday, February 3, 2013

It’s cloudy, grey and chilly again here today.

I’ve been sick.


Well, actually I got sick the week before Christmas and seem to not be able to get well.  I have a good day here and there, but nothing that lasts.

I’m taking the day off…resting by the fire.


I hope this finds all of you well.




28 thoughts on “Sunday, February 3, 2013

  1. I hope you are well soon! I’ve been fighting this stuff since September. I have a week when I think I’m over it and then it comes back worse. My doctor had me on an antibiotic and inhaler and I started feeling better about three days before I finished the medicine but three days after I finished it’s back and I’m so tired. I’ve been going to bed at 8:30 every night for two weeks and wake up exhausted but trudge on to work. Spring can’t get here fast enough!!! Take care and see the doctor sooner than I did!!


  2. Hi Linda, I’m sorry you’ve been battling a bug; I’ve had something for two weeks and just now feel like I’m coming out of it slowly. We are having beautiful weather here; but with snowy days it isn’t so bad staying inside.
    Feel better soon. Hugs, Noreen


  3. Oh, please get well! I had the flu after Thanksgiving and finally stopped coughing after New Year. Your photo shows sunshine in the distance–perhaps health too.


  4. Stop being sick. I would send you a card but they all say ‘get well soon’ and i want you to get well NOW! Hope you are enjoying a nice sunday by the fire. We are running out of wood! Isn’t that a joy.. c


  5. You poor thing. I hate those illnesses that hang on for months: just hit me once and let’s move on, shall we? A day by the fire sounds wonderful. A pretty mug full of hot tea would be the perfect accompaniment. Hope you’re feeling better soon. ❤


  6. The flu lasts a long time..about two weeks they say. If it is that cold, cough feel lousy thing..Far Guy had it two months before he shook it…he felt better for a day or two and then boom back to feeling lousy again. Feel all better soon!! 🙂


  7. So sorry to hear that you’re sick Linda…the things that linger like glandular fever and flu are so debilitating… sounds as though rest is what you really need, hope you can get plenty, and keep rugged up with plenty of comforting hot drinks… I expect the boys and girls are enjoying cuddling up by the fire with you. Get well XXX


  8. Ugh! The flu-ish stuff is awful this year. It’s hard to get rest when our lives revolve around everything outside and all those things MUST be done.
    Boys, take good care of your Mom! I know that you will.
    Get Well —today!


  9. Hope your weekend by the fire helped put you right. Your photos of your beautiful home are better than many I’ve seen done by professionals. The ones of the sunlight across the valley both in this post and Fuzzy’s Friday post are outstanding. Glad Fuzzy is getting better. Hope he can share his good health with you. And good luck finding help for your vagrant farm dog.


  10. If misery loves company, then I’m your company. I caught that nasty flu too and it is whipping my hindend with very little sleep because of it. I hope you kick it soon and get to feeling better. Give the dogs and caat a hug for me. They must be great company while you have been down.


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