The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —It’s Still Winter Here

Nasty, wind freezing your nose shut storm came in Storm-1

yesterday….the cows ate, and ate, and ate


and then went and hunkered down for the night.


Fuzzy and I were outside about mid-night last night and it was just starting to snow.  (We had to check out things before we hit the bed…pee, see who else had left a mark…you know…dog stuff).


Mom was a little mad at me, because I took off around that time….Freddy Fox pranced through the yard and then headed into the corn field and well….



Well, I just wanted to go play with him.

I came back…I was always planning on coming back.

And YES I heard Mom calling, but I, well, just wasn’t ready.


Fuzzy went back.  He told me he hung with Mom while Mom walked around the farm calling for me.  Then they went back into the house and Fuzzy said he went to bed.

He scratched up his blankets and just settled right in for a long winter’s nap.

Mom came out again around mid-night thirty and called once more — she didn’t have too I was waiting right there by the grill.  WITH A HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE!

It didn’t work.

She was very mad at me!  Boy, did I get the lecture: “There are coyotes out there, when I call you, you had better come, blah, blah, blah….”  I sort of stopped listening as I ran into the house and flopped down on my bed.  I was ready for bed.


Then Mom picked up my blanket and flapped it over me.  I don’t think I heard another word, although I knew Mom was still upset, I also knew she was delighted I was home.

When we woke-up this morning the storm was still here, I think the worst is the wind.

Fuzzy and I both agree,




24 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —It’s Still Winter Here

  1. A slow learner you are at times Boomer but you’ve known for a long time you only get bit by Mom’s bark and not her bite so life is sweet as always. Plus you getta sleep inside when it’s cold and nasty.


  2. i am SO with you on this post! been there; done that; too many times to count!!! drives me crazy – and yet i’m so grateful when they come back safe and unbloodied!


  3. BOOMER! That was sooooo bad! Pickles used to do stuff like that. Now, when we go for a run, Pickles has to stay home! (pickles stays home partly because she’s too old to run that much. ) Boomer, you always have to come back when your Mom calls. Always, my Mom says. It’s hard though. Sometimes I just can’t. And then Mom gets real quiet and she gets the “look” and she starts to walk toward me and follow me and I know that I’m in way big trouble. Did you see any coyotes while you were out “playing” with F. Fox? Mom says I can’t ever go play with the coyotes. I tried once. Nope. Don’t want to do that again. Thought she would never ever let me off the ATV again in my whole life!

    Hi Fuzz! Glad you didn’t go with Boom. Your Mom probably needs you to stay with her and help locate Boom!



  4. Shame on you, Boomer…. Do you want Mom to put a leash on you???? You had been stay close to Mom –or else, you could get hurt…. Next time–behave yourself… I’m sure you scared Mom to death….

    Glad you are okay though… Looks like you and Fuzzy had a nice bed –and could stay warm.



  5. Boomer, take care of yourself!!! It’s not fair to worry your Mom like that. Please ask her for me if the really big cow had her calves and how many she had. Thanks


  6. You are ready for spring and your spring isn’t very far away. Yesterday the sun rose at 7:38 and set at 5:59 for over 10 hours of sunlight. The sun is beginning to be very bright.


  7. Boomer, you little scamp!! You must be careful..I know you like to play with Freddie Fox, but you MUST watch out for those mean coyotes, too. Glad you made it back home, safe and sound. Be sure to be extra good to Mom for awhile, ya hear! Fuzzy, you look cute, as always.

    Keep warm…blessings!


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