The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Setting Up Pipe

Boy have we ever been busy!

Sure feels good!


(Although, it really drains Fuzzy, but Mom is good and lets Fuzzy ride with her all the time. Sometimes I can’t STAND the thought of riding so I run along so I can take a detour or two. 🙂 )


Fuzzy is really good about keeping strangers out of the yard…his nose still works really, really good, but sometimes he can’t hear real well, and sometimes he can’t see real well.  I always, always, always make sure Fuzzy knows what is happening, then when he is with Mom I go off and see whatever I can see.


Yesterday Dad made the big ditches, the ditches that bring the water to the fields, the other day Fuzzy and I helped Mom clean out the waste ditches…the ditches that take the water off the farm back to canal.

It was HOT!  WHEW!  We were both panting up a storm, but a storm never came!


Then Mom, Dad, Fuzz and I all had to work on getting the gated pipe set so the water could start… we just got started and news came that the water was three miles away so Dad stopped and started marking out the field.


These are the rows that the water will flow down to water the seeds, which turn into plants that turn into crops. Once he finishes marking everything out today, then we will all go back to connecting the gated pipe.


See Dad’s rows?  They are really straight.  A farmer HAS TO MAKE STRAIGHT rows because if he doesn’t all the other farmers make fun of him.  Straight rows are really important if you can see them from the road…I think you understand why. 🙂

Then the water should be here anytime …I can hardly wait!

Once the head gate is opened we all GET TO START IRRIGATING!!!

Mom, Fuzzy and I love to irrigate!  Dad says it’s a necessary evil and leaves it like that.  Once the water starts there is no stopping the water until it is time for harvest—day in and day out, seven days a week, twice a day and if water gets short, every few hours even when we are supposed to be sleeping—from now on…until the corn is ready to start drying down. (That’s why Dad gets tired of it—it never stops.)


The Apricots are blooming!  Mom calls them Bee Food…Fuzzy and I call them –YIPPEE Mom is going for a walk to look at the apricot trees!


Canyon-storm-1A storm played over the canyons last evening.


Mom, Fuzzy and I saw a sun dog this morning…that means colder weather is heading in for a few days.  That’s okay…we sure have been hot!  It’s been so hot Fuzzy hasn’t even been sleeping in the dog house until sometime closer to morning.

Fuzzy says a little cool down won’t hurt us.

Well, off to work!  Everyone enjoy today!  Like Danny Kaye said “Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.”  Fuzzy and I sure are going to try!

(With Mom and Dad)



20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Setting Up Pipe

  1. Boomer, it’s good you like to keep busy because the Busy Season is now upon you. It’s also good that you keep Fuzzy posted on all that’s going on. The apricot tree is beautiful. I hope all of you have a great weekend.


  2. You two make a great team — and are a big help to mom and dad. Have you ever asked mom if she has thought about helping you two publish a child’s book about living on a Colorado Farm? (Grownups like me who don’t know very much would love it too .)


  3. So from now on you’re busy everyday. It’s a good thing you like it.
    Yes I remember the days if straight lines in the fields. Now there’s too much cheating with GPS!


  4. Boomer, you are such a good boy and a big help to Mom and Dad and a very good best friend to Fuzzy. What lovely photos your Mom has taken of the beautiful apricot tree.
    Its good to read about your adventures and life on the farm with your family. Keep up the good work young lad.


  5. What a great post Linda… amazing photos of the sky and the landscape, and as for the apricot tree… ” loveliest of trees, the apricot now
    is hung with bloom along the bough”, to misquote Housman!
    You must feel spring is really here!


  6. I’m excited over on the other side of the range. They have been burning the ditches and plowing up the fields. Last Friday, I saw some workers planting green things in a field. It is an exciting time of year! The monkeys send high fives to Boomer and Fuzzy!


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