Monday, April 29, 2013

Boy, am I ever tired!  Yesterday about did me in…way too much to do.  But really I’m not complaining, just tired.

Everything turned out wonderful, although at that time I get concerned that I won’t get my part done, plus all the other stuff that needed put in place.

But it did.

Even my gluten-free birthday cake turned out very good.  I’ve been cooking gluten free for four years now (after years and years of being sick we finally found out Terry, Misty (our youngest) and Linkin all have Celiac Disease.

Talk about a learning curve…cooking and eating without any form of gluten (grain or man-made chemicals) has been something else.

We just all went gluten-free, it’s so much easier that way…I didn’t want to cook one way for some and one way for another.  Learning to make bread — I gave up and just buy Udi’s products — and moist birthday cakes has been hard.

I have finally made it! I can proudly say the Birthday cake was lush and moist!


So today I hope I can get done some stuff that “I” need to get done.   A lovely day to do it in…tomorrow we will have wind and the next day the temps are to plunge 20* and be horribly cold with some rain.

Have a productive Monday everyone!  See you in the morning!



17 thoughts on “Monday, April 29, 2013

  1. Hi Linda, Sometimes it feels good to be tired –when good things have gotten done and good things are happening. Right????? Hope you have a good day today also, and can get ‘your’ things done.

    Congrats on learning to cook gluten free… We luckily don’t have that problem –but I have many friends who do… Glad your cake turned out so good…


  2. I’m glad to hear that the birthday cake was a great success. Your blooming tree is beautiful. I only hope that the cold weather you’re expecting won’t hurt it. It wouldn’t make me angry if you sent that cold weather someplace other than Tennessee.


  3. Would you publish the recipe for the cake, my daughter and grand daughter need gluten free foods. It would be nice to see some of your recipes in print if you have time. Thank you, Ellie


  4. Celiac? What a challenge. As you say it was easier to go completely gluten free. Great shot of your tree blooms. I think it’s your pear tree.
    We had a miserable nasty day today…high winds, a few snow flurries and plus one. Not nice a tall.


  5. Your new pictures are gorgeous. I ate nearly sugar-free and that was hard, I can’t imagine how hard gluten-free is. Good job on mastering it!


  6. So impressed by your gluten free cooking skills… hope you get on top of the tiredness… it’s not surprising, the way you work !!! Hope the coming storm doesn’t wreck that lovely blossom…


  7. Beautiful tree; the changeable weather just says “Colorado” to me; it’s the same where our kids live.
    Congrats on mastering the cake….we buy a lot of g-f products because they are all-natural and I think we feel better b/c of that.


  8. It’s nice when you master something…..especially CAKE!! We’re slightly gluten free and getting more and more so…..maybe you could share your recipe??


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