In-Between Irrigations

Last week we had rain…lovely, lush, wet, rain.  Four days of rain.  It soaked in 1/2 inch giving much needed life to everything.

Irrigation doesn’t stop just because of rain, mainly because the rain doesn’t really soak in far enough to do tons of good.

But in-between irrigating we had lots of things to do-

  1. Terry was given a hot shave gift certificate for his birthday…off we went to Grand Junction for this first time experienceHot-Shave
  2. Our daughter and son-in-law lost Riley—that was very hard Riley-Brown-Rezak
  3.  I was a parent volunteer for our oldest granddaughter’s class field trip–which was a lot of fun.  We rode on a bus and played and EVERYTHINGCute-Kids
  4. This same grandchild had a piano recitalRecital
  5. We went to Gunnison and on up to Taylor Dam to see what the irrigation water is looking like–not good.  Not good at all!Taylor-Dam

When I was chopping weeds along the edge of the fields one evening the sky turned amazingly orange as the storm clouds blew away.  The color filled the whole sky and even surrounded Terry on the ditch bank and probably me at the end of the field.


I am always so appreciative of this great big beautiful world we live in, I’m sure you are too.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.  See you back here on Tuesday.



14 thoughts on “In-Between Irrigations

  1. I’m glad to see you weren’t bored on those rainy days. I hope you have a few more to help the water level at Taylor Park. I’m sorry to hear about Riley. You have a talented (and pretty) granddaughter.


  2. Grandchild has beautiful blond hair, and I love her hairstyle. I tried that on my own head once but I failed miserably. Terry deserves a little guy pampering, good for him! Next stop: pedicure!

    I wonder if that orange storm is the same one that attacked us a few days ago. I took a lot of orange pictures in the aftermath.


  3. Lovely week, for the most part. I am sorry about Riley. And that the water situation up on Gunnison is not looking good. I was happy that you had rain, but obviously not enough. Beautiful golden light. I think Colorado skies are so wonderful.


  4. What a wonderful gift for Terry —and SO deserving. Sorry about the doggie… Sad, I’m sure… But–it looks like you had a great week with family. Hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day… Gorgeous sky photo. Wow!!!


  5. Sorry for loss of family pet.
    Wow what a treat for a man to get these days I have a friend and she has her own Barber shop now and they do them there too.
    The sky is so amazing some days and scary others but like you I always have the camera at the ready!


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