The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Night Work

Night work starts…well, at night!


Sometimes not at night, but close to night,

Night-Work-2you know—

Night-Work-1dusk, or maybe it’s twilight, or the gloaming  or whatever you like to call it…evening!


Boomer says it’s really EVENING work…

Whatever it is it doesn’t matter…it starts when the day is ending.

Mom, Dad, Boomer and I go out and change the water.  We do this every day…Spring, Summer and Fall.  We ride or walk on the same fields, move the water through the same rows days after day after day.



Sometimes we go to town…we have to ‘get stuff’ you know.  Gasoline, milk,

Townsometimes a hamburger treat for Boom and I —HEAVEN!

We are changing water more and more now…the water keeps getting cut back and it isn’t even June yet.

(Dad is real worried, but he can only do what he can do. — Boom and I wag our tails and give him lots of licks on his hand to try and help him relax)

We go with Mom and Dad all the time—– Early morning, Noon, Three in the afternoon, 6 at night and then at dark, so far we don’t have to go out in the middle of the night! But Dad says that is coming…like TONIGHT!!!!


The dog cousins come at the crack of dawn for their daily walk.  We change water then. Well, really Dad changes water then and we just help.


Then their Mom has to go to work.  She really never changes water…I don’t think she even knows HOW to change water.  But she doesn’t have too she does other nice stuff….like she loves ANIMALS and Tom the Turkey!!

That’s okay Hank’s mom knows how and she helps if Mom and Dad have to go somewhere and can’t be home at the ‘right time’!  We go with Hank’s Mom; of course Hank goes with us.  He loves to chase mice out of the siphon tubes.

Hank goes with Boomer and looks over the Chico hills, the sage brush areas, and even down in the slue smelling the news…in Hank’s case just seeing the news.  Boomer does all the smelling.

We’ve sure been having lots of wind…Dad says the wind dries things out…I’ll take this wind instead of the stuff we get in the winter—the so cold your face is wiped off your head wind…nope, give me a summer wind…keeps the bugs off a feller and ruffles the fur so ya don’t sweat so much.


Oh, have to go….Mom is calling for me to come—I don’t want to miss my ride.  I’ll have to stay home if that happens ‘cause I can’t run anymore.

See Ya!






21 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Night Work

  1. I have a question for you about irrigation….why is flood type used and not a center pivot? Here in southern Wisconsin that’s the type we use, mostly on the lighter, sandier ground. Would you have to dig too deep for the well? Not enough water to fill/support the well?

    Just wondering…..Amy 🙂


  2. Oh love this post with the dogs talking. I have had so many precious dogs as well. Ones who have not helped me change water, but have helped me run the resort, and talk to the folks and learn to love myself. I had a twin to the beagle baby of yours…mine was Katie. SHe ran the house of course. then the tree Corgis, Tasha , tippi and Billie…all rescued and wanted to her everyone. Sending water to you in thoughts.. and still have my pink mountains on my screensaver!Merri


  3. Dear Fuzzy,
    What a lovely time of day. It seems that you all are real busy right now. Things have slowed down here now that the weather has heated up. Mom doesn’t take me for morning runs anymore because it is so hot. She is afraid that I just wouldn’t know my limits since I love to run with her. She goes to the gym now. For some reason they don’t let dogs in the gym. Personally, I think that is just wrong but can’t really get any human but mom to understand.

    You keep taking it easy now. There is no need to for you run.



  4. Fuzzy, you’ve done a good job of explaining why a farm dog can’t be lazy — there is always something that needs to be done. I hope the water doesn’t get cut back too much more. Mom certainly gets some beautiful pictures when all of you walk the fields in the evening.


  5. Wow—what gorgeous skies… Love your sunset photos… BUT–for you all, work goes on 24/7… Sorry to hear about the water problems. Wish we could share some of our water with you all. We’ve had SO much this spring…

    Hope you have a great weekend. Happy Memorial Day –and don’t forget to thank God for our service men and women who do/did so much for us to keep us safe.



  6. This was a Beautiful post… Thank you! We’ve been having hard cold wind down here, hope it quits soon for both of us.


  7. You guys write very descriptive posts. It’s nice to know what everybody is doing. It may not be hard work but it is very regular and must be done.


  8. Fuzzy is just gorgeous. I know how Terry feels about the wind… we are just a sliver of land in the great oceans and get a lot of wind… to see it drying out the land and the gardens in summer always bothers me – I still find it hard to accept, and let-go and let -God !!!


  9. Such lovely evening photos. You all work so hard.
    We have had some very cold days here and in the far north there has been heavy snow which have caused the snow gates on some roads to be closed. Nice to see some sunshine today though.
    Take care.


  10. Lovely I just wish I could send you all the rain we no longer need. Sorry it is so hard out there and farmers are so under appreciated 😦 Thanks for all the hard work you all do and a Very Happy Memorial Day as well though I know you shall be working hard.


  11. Yo Fuzzy! Samson here! The other monkeys are sleeping, so I’m catching up with your blog. We are locked up inside, while our Mom tries to figure out how to keep us clever monkeys from breaking out of our fence. We’re not bad! We’re just monkeys!!!


  12. Hi Guys! Boy, it’s a busy time for sure. Mom hasn’t started to irrigate yet, but the water goes past in the ditch and I check it out several times a day. You know, taste test, swim test, stick floatability test,. I help Mom check fences that cross the river, and check the river, and I stand off stuff that might be dangerous like noises in the willows (white tail deer 🙂 ). And we check the cows and fences up on the bench. And I keep an eye on those pesky peacocks. Days are busy! It’s just grand to be a country dog!!


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