The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Lazy Days of Summer

Summer (well technically we aren’t there yet, but its hot enough a Dog can call it summer) is the bestest of times.

Sure beats winter…freezing cold, so cold your nose freezes shut, wind that takes your nose right off your face and then laughs at you because you can’t breathe anymore and no rides in the back of the pick-up because it is just WAY TOO COLD!


Just like in winter we go everywhere with Mom and sometimes Dad.  But in summer they go lots more places we get to go with them too—


Like town—Fuzzy and I wait with Mom while Dad goes into the parts store or the hardware store…Mom always waits with us because there are people around that will kidnap dogs.


We always go irrigating and sometimes just for walks with Mom.  There we see things like rabbits…

BunnyI NEVER CHASE RABBITS.  Mom says I’m a funny beagle because that is what my breed was bred for…to CHASE RABBITS.


But I don’t.

They are my friends.

I’m more interested in just smelling the smells and seeing what news is out there.  Maybe I was a news reporter in my former life.  Tee hee, hahaha…snort, churckle!


Fuzzy likes to bark at the birds…he never bothers the Robins, but he sure does like to bark at the Barn Swallows!  🙂


We help with hay, the irrigation, (morning, noon and night) and we work with Mom in her yard.


Lately the heat has been ‘over-the-top’ not just the heat but lots and lots of high winds.  But Fuzzy and I have it figured out how to stay cool.


Nothing beats underneath Dad’s pick-up!



We lay under there and we stay cool and unruffled!

On top of all of those really cool things to do we get to chase







18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Lazy Days of Summer

  1. OH wonderful photos and just chnged my screensaver to the two sweet ones on the four wheeler!!!Too precioius!!!! And love how they know how to stay cool and be coooooooool with that squirrel!!!! ha ha thank you for this lovely time with you! Cheers and Love, —friend Merri


  2. Too cute. Our blue heelers LOVE to chase ANYTHING! Even birds like quail and pheasant! They are awesome bird hunters too. Silly girls. Great post. We like the adventures of Boomer and Fuzzy!!


  3. Cute post JT hangs out under the RV beside the garden and under our pick-up as well they are pretty smart.

    Hope you get a break from the heat soon 😦 We will have 90’s for a few days with threats of storms only ours will dump rain that you all need out there so badly.


  4. Wow! Squirrels! Mom says we have them, but I haven’t seen any—-yet. I get in way BIG trouble for chasing peacocks (pea brains). When it gets really hot Mom takes me for a swim at the river. Then I crash in the shady hole I dug.
    Have fun with the squirrels!


  5. what is it with animals and vehicles, under the tractor sheltering from yet another shower of hay mauling rain is a peacock, two chickens and a cat. The dogs can’t even fit! Dammit there is more thunder I have to go back outside and will it away.. c


  6. What a lovely lovely post, LInda ( you can see I’m working backwards on my blogs !!!) Lovely pics of the chaps, and such a lovely story… so glad you sit and guard your treasures.. I always used to worry if I left my little one’s while I dashed into a shop !!!!


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