June 6, 2013

Just for a little fun (and to answer some of your questions) I’ll post these few photos of the Corvette Stingray


We’ve had the car for a long time (I never drive it–but I do ride in it)


He used to drive it in the winter


Since it has a rag top and a hard top.

But the icy roads and blizzard conditions made him stop that nonsense and just use it in the summer time….with the top down.

He gets offers all the time to buy it…but, well, you know the answer to that question πŸ™‚ Β It’s Terry’s baby.


16 thoughts on “June 6, 2013

  1. Ah yes! All men have to have a baby of some kind don’t they? I think the farmer’s is his new tractor – he is always polishing it.


  2. I still have my horses and haven’t been able to ride for years. I spent too much of my early life wishing for a horse, I could never let them go. (Besides, they’re old, like I am.) At least a car doesn’t eat hay, and its value will only grow over time. Many happy rides to you both.


  3. Do you know why I like you blog, Linda? You write every day and that can’t be easy. I love your dogs. And, most of all you are a very nice person:-) Thanks so much.


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