July 11, 2013

On our four-wheeler ride in the Paonia mountains



Cliff-UpCliff took roads that only those like them want to try…Kimberly and I stayed on the main trail!

DropsWe had rain…those few drops you see on the stones.  Here we need rain, (after 2nd cutting of hay) and back East they can’t get the rain to end!  A strange summer of weather.

A little robin dropped by last night while I was sitting outside at the end of the day.



A perfect ending to another really nice (and extremely hot) day!

The-sun-setsHave a good one!





19 thoughts on “July 11, 2013

  1. Awesome 4 wheeling pics and pink toes 🙂 Did the rains ever fall here yesterday almost washed the road away 😦 damn hard as I try I can not seem to get this crap much further than the Mississippi 😦


  2. We had rain yesterday, too. Just smatterings, though: a total of about what you see in your picture. *L* The men just had to cross that water, didn’t they?


  3. I have seen plenty of robins during my stays in the US over the years, they are not an uncommon bird are they? But I had no idea that they had such a long beak Linda – amazing photo.I hope you get rain soon. We shall finish haymaking tonight. The fields we did last week have not a single blade of green grass on them because the weather has been so hot, so after tonight we shall be glad of rain too.


  4. We had a very heavy shower and hail this afternoon. There was no damage from the hail. I hope you soon get rain that amounts to something.


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