The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — A Couple of Things More

Mom said this is the shortest summer on record!

She says she lost most of July and is just now finding August.

Then it happened….


Boomie started limping.  Mom tried and tried to figure out what was wrong…

Nothing in his paw,

No cuts,

No visible anything.

So Mom loaded up Blade and Boomer and headed into the vets.

Geez, Boomer blew his A.C.L!

Blade asked TONS of questions of the vet; Mom came home with ‘stuff’ for Boom and told us (Boomer and I) we can’t run after stuff like Batman and Superman anymore.

That works for me…I really don’t like to go for very long walks now.  ALTHOUGH, I DO love riding on the four-wheeler!  But Mom’s four-wheeler threw a shoe and Dad hasn’t made it to town to get a couple of new tires for the front of the four-wheeler.  So Mom walks to wherever she is going now.

I don’t go.  I walk to the end of the yard and wait for her.

Boomie still wants to go, and does go for a short ways.

Mom says it’s a really lonely walk out to the ditches without us, but that is just how it is right now.

Anyway…life just keeps on going on.  It’s cool enough that I don’t like sleeping outside of the doghouse and have taken to sleeping IN the dog house.  Boomer only slept outside in July he says its way too cold to sleep next to me outside.  I agreed with him…so we sleep in our dog houses.

It won’t be long until we start sleeping inside the house.

Boy, where DID summer go?




23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — A Couple of Things More

  1. Wow, poor Boomer…probably not much you can do. I’ve lost both ACLs, had them both replaced with the hamstring, and then one blew out again. Doc said – well, you have nothing left to replace it with. After a while you get so you can walk ok again. Hopefully, he will too. Both of your dogs are very sweet.


  2. Oh poor Boomer! Well, they say things happen in 3’s. Boomer would be the 3rd. So now things HAVE TO BE heading back up! 🙂 The girls give Boomer a hug! And you.


  3. Fuzzy looks so cuddly in that last picture. Poor Boomer! How does a little guy like that blow an A.C.L.? They’re so tiny! I hope he heals; he doesn’t strike me as the kind of dog who’d enjoy being still and contemplative.


  4. Fuzzy, I’m sorry to hear about Boomer’s torn ACL. I hope all the things the vet gave him will soon have him feeling and walking better. We’ve been enjoying some cooler weather here in Tennessee as well, but it’s supposed to get hot again. I guess summer is going to stick around for a while.


  5. Summer has gone by too quickly. I feel that fall is in the air-cooler in the evenings and mornings.
    Hope Boomer will get better quickly. Have a great weekend.


  6. Fancy you old fellas wanting to sleep inside your boxes already. It IS cold. I put winter sheets on the Old Codgers bed today as he was feeling cold too. Excellent news that Misty is on the mend, saw the tree branch over the drive too .. goodness. now if only could get that tire fixed, and the kids off to school .. things really might get easier.. love love.. c


  7. terribly sorry for boomer! my little louise has a constant limp as she tore her ACL years ago. i could not bear to put her thru surgery and weeks of confinement. that would have killed her. i allowed her to stay a country dog since she could still run on it and manage.


  8. I never even knew that dogs could tear their ACL… you take care of Boomer and stay with him so he won’t feel bad about not being able to chase and run!

    summer always goes by too fast, especially when it has been ‘that kind of summer’.


  9. Sorry to hear about Boomers acl. It’s not comfortable at all and he will have to take it easy. I hope he gets better. You may have some cool weather now but you will get lots more warm weather.You must be sending you warm weather here. It’s been quite hot.


  10. Oh My…. So sorry about Boomer’s ACL problem… Bless his heart. Hope you are giving him lots of love, Fuzzy… It has been a fast summer —but for us, it hasn’t been a hot one like usual. That I am thankful for.

    Have a good weekend.


  11. So sorry to hear about Boomer and your big tree branch, too. Grandpa will have to find another branch to put a swing up for the grandkids.

    It is still summer here, but did have almost 3 inches of rain this week while I was on a trip.

    Glad Misty is better, hope they can pinpoint the problem. Now it’s time to take a deep breath, Linda and find some down time for YOU!



  12. Here’s hoping Boomer heals fast. Being restricted while healing is a BIG bother. It may be cool where you guys are but it’s hot and getting smokin’ hotter here by the day! Whew! Gonna try and remember this weather when it is below zero in January.


  13. JT is now 7 1/2 yrs old and hates the heat, probably because she runs from sunrise to sunset all day playing. Always stays inside with AC when it is warm too many bad bugs in New England that can hurt her she thinks it is normal to always be where we are 24 hours a day then again no one has told her she is a DOG 🙂

    I am sad Mom has to be alone out in the ditches 😦

    Hope Boomer feels better I have a bad knee not fun



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