The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Around the Farm


Last night Dad had to go to a meeting so it was just Mom, Boomer and I to hold everything down.


We checked water at 3:30 in the afternoon and then Mom took us for a little ride around the place.


The alfalfa is looking … little blooms are popping up all over.  You don’t want lots of bloom because the plant puts all the protein into the bloom.  But when the blooms just START the protein is perfect for feed.


This will be the last cutting for the year.


Mom, Boomer and I saw three Turkey Buzzards flying over us…I’ll bet they are after the dead raccoon over on the upper end.


Mom says the grass is really looking good…too bad we don’t have any cows.  But Mr. Davis’ cows will enjoy when they get here in February.


Mom stopped and enjoyed the view on the Back 40 — she told Boomer and me she really likes seeing the Rabbit brush in bloom.  After lots of photos we headed on over to the new hay field where we had to change the water for the last set of the day.


We saw some young Chico plants starting to grow big…that is always good.  Mom and Dad really like Chico bushes. So having some to replace the ones that were burned is nice.


On the way back in we saw a really tough cat taking a dust bath in the corn field.  A dog just doesn’t mess with Sam if he values his nose. No sireee….noses are nice things to have.


We only see the ‘house cat’ when we are inside.  We have an agreement with her (and with Sam) we won’t bother you so you can leave your claws in your paws.


We had to go back out at sunset to change the water for the night.  Boomer and I really enjoy helping Mom.  We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the stuff we see when we help Mom.


Life just doesn’t get much better does it?

Fuzzy and Boomer, of course!


21 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Around the Farm

  1. You two sure look right at home on that 4-wheeler. I think you made a good arrangement with the cats — I hope they keep their part of the bargain. Every on the farm looks just great.


  2. Hi Fuzzy and Boomer, I’m so glad that you are such good helpers with Mom… I didn’t know about the Alfalfa blooms …. SO–I guess it’s time to cut it now, huh???? Neat! Glad you all don’t pester the cats…. Having a NOSE is important, you know!!!!! ha…

    We had dinner tonight with Dad Adams to celebrate his 101st birthday…. He ate well–including a Brownie and Ice Cream…



  3. Thank you for another lovely post. I think that you Friday post is almost the highlight of my week, You guys work sooo hard (with your 4 footed friends), sometimes I feel tired just reading. You do show that farming is a job and that the crops don’t grow themselves!


  4. Yes I really did enjoy it Fuzzy and Boomer – life on your farm could not be more different from life on our farm here in the Yorkshire Dales – it makes fascinating reading.


  5. When I lived closer to the foothills I saw those turkey vultures all the time. They wouldn’t be hunting, just gliding in big lazy circles on spirals of rising warm air. For big ugly birds they sure are graceful flyers.


  6. You two are very patient to wait while Mom takes all those pictures. But you must know she will take plenty of photos of you and she always captures you looking so handsome and adventuresome–even when there are cats involved.


  7. I learn something new from you guys almost every time you write!! I did not know that alfalfa has blue flowers. Thanks for the “lesson”!! AND…. I never heard of Rabbit Bush until your mom typed about it earlier this week. Have a good weekend, and stay safe!!


  8. It’s a great life…. and your mom is extremely talented … because if I were working as hard as she is, the last thing I would be able to do is take such wonderful pictures. Maybe it’s because she has you two to help her, do you think?

    The alfalfa fields look beautiful and I’m glad they’re doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

    (Also, I think your arrangement with the two cats is exactly right. Just leave them be!)


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