Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A late summer storm crashed all around us last night around mid-night.  The lightening held all three kinds…sheet, cloud to cloud, and cloud to earth.  The cloud to earth ones are always, ALWAYS the dangerous ones.  The dogs don’t mind the lightening it’s the loud booming thunder that sends them under my bed.  Fuzzy has taught Boomer to be afraid, be VERY afraid of thunder.  Not a good thing.  Boomer didn’t ‘know’ he was supposed to act goofy when the thunder sounded until he figured it out from Fuzzy.


The field corn, aka: pick’n corn, feed corn, maize, is getting riper by the day.


I’m still feeding the bees, although I moved their plate away, away from the hummingbird feeders

Bees-1I like it much better.  As you can see the yellow jackets have also found the sugar water

Bees-4These tables we aren’t using anymore because the bees where to thick in the Russian Sage anyway.  A win-win for all of us involved!


Just for fun…here is the west side of our place looking toward the canyons and Highway 50 to Grand Junction.

Your western Colorado friend,




15 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 18, 2013

  1. As usual, I love the post. But I’ve got to say: that first photo is a winner. What beautiful colors and mood. Really, really stunning, Linda. I’m with the dogs on the thunder. Get me the underside of a bed or the inside of a cellar and I’m MUCH happier.


  2. I like the view to the west from your farm. I’m sorry to hear that Fuzzy has taught Boomer to be afraid of thunder, but it’s not really surprising. I’ve known of many dogs who act goofy during storms (or fireworks).


  3. That is a heck of a view. We have been watching the horrible flooding in your state, so very sad! It has been a heck of a few years with all the flooding going on 😦


  4. I wonder if you got the same storm that pasted through here on Sunday night! Holy cow! The wind was wicked! One of our huge purple ash trees got split right down the middle! YUCK! The house and yard were COVERED with dust! Had to wash the house! lol!
    I always put the dogs and cats in the house. Just in case. We were up on the hill watching the lightning!


  5. My dog (Duchess) also hated thunder –or any loud noise… She would shake all over… Crazy dog!!!!! Strange how Fuzzy has taught Boomer to be afraid…. ha

    We NEED some rain here now –but don’t want it tomorrow since we are getting our deck stained.



  6. That’s a lovely view to the west. My nephew adopted a stray German Shepherd years ago, when they lived on the street behind us. She was scared to death of thunder and would jump the fence, and come to our back door to be let inside. Seems like she ripped the door screen, too.


  7. So this storm didn’t hurt anything (except the dogs’ feelings)? I’m afraid of lightning a little bit (but at least I don’t act goofy…I just sit very very quietly). I never thought about the way dogs could teach each other like that. Have ever only had one at a time.


  8. Great idea!!!! I will do this next year! The yellow jackets were really bothersome to my hummingbirds! I make traps for the picnic bugs that invade my corn and cantaloupes! I will feed the yellow jackets something sweet too! Thank you!!!! 🙂


  9. Next year I will feed the bees far away from feeders, JT and Ron and ME Lovely look across the way I miss the road when I see your land I used to go by so many places with acres and acres of land people worked so hard on.


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