The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — We Are Late

We are late! Late, late, late as that white rabbit that needed to get down a rabbit hole!


Late I say!



It’s been a busy morning.  Fuzzy and I went to town with Mom and our sister Shannon and all our cousins…it was a BARK’N good time!!!!

We went several places.

I rode in the front seat in town, because you see…I will jump out sometimes so every time they stopped I had to sit in the front seat!


Then when we got back we had to go get our other sister’s little critters as they are going to spend the weekend with us!

Then we HAD to go for a walk.  We didn’t go by the canal as I fell in yesterday and just about couldn’t get out.  My leg wouldn’t work.  Shannon jumped in a saved me.  I wasn’t good for much the rest of the day.

So today we went through the corn fields!

The smells were great!


After that if was time to help Dad load up some hay and head to the Elevator.

So we are LATE, LATE for an important date…visiting with all of you!


KageDog, who lives in Cedaredge, sent Mom photos of the rain storm


and the hail storm we had down here.

Now you can see WHY Fuzzy and I get afraid, very afraid, and have to crowd up on Mom.

But today is nice, so we are having a really nice time.

Oh, yes!

It’s colder at night now…got down to 44* this morning.


Fuzzy still likes to sleep outside so I sleep with him.

And this is why……..


RUN! Raccoon RUN!!








14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — We Are Late

  1. ohhhhhh – falling in the canal, not good! Glad someone was there to rescue you! Those clouds are awesome looking, so is the view. Love the raccoon shot! LOL! Have a great weekend you guys!


  2. Something about water that draws us in and then grabs us. Glad you got some help to get away. That storm is scary. We had hail here too. Shredded my daughter’s pumpkin plant leaves. Oh, look! There goes that white rabbit!


  3. Had 43 here in PA the other morning. I was glad I closed the window before I went to bed. Raccoons are a nemesis here on Roundtop. They worry my chickens and two had to be forcibly evicted from the forest.


  4. Oh Boomer, please don’t jump in the water any more PLEASE! That’s too scary for all your fans out here. Some of us are too old for that kind of excitement. And even if you are late with your wonderful Friday posts, don’t worry about it…because we will wait!!!


  5. That’s o.k., Boomer, we’re all late sometimes. Seems you all have been busy, busy, busy. Too bad about the fall into the water….know how much you don’t care for it. Glad Shannon was there to get you out. Take care of that leg! Love the cloud pictures and also, the ones of you and Fuzzy. Not too fond of the raccoon, tho! 🙂

    It’s going to be in the 40’s here tonight. Time for a blanket to keep me warm. Have fun this weekend with all your critter visitors this week end.



  6. Be careful of canals…they can be very dangerous when the water is running. We have ditches here in ND but they are canals…no matter how you say it. They have culverts and the water is like a fast moving whirl pool going sideways. Very dangerous. I am so glad you made it out okay and your pup is amazing!!! :0


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