Train to Denver

TrainWe left on the train (a slow train, but I enjoyed it)

It was our first and probably only train trip, but it was fun.  We saw things we can’t see on interstate and we got to not worry about traffic or bad weather.

StairsThen we spent the night on the top floor of the Embassy Suits and walked around the 16th Street Mall, rode the little train from one end to the other of the mall and ate at fun little restaurants.

DenverWe weren’t far from Invesco Field! Although, I train station was right across from Coors Field.  The railroad is remodeling Union Station and had moved the temporary station across from the Coors Field.

WeWe got back on the Train the next day and headed home.  A long trip home 8 hours each way, when we can drive it in 5…but a treat!

Now back to regularly scheduled life!
Your friend,





26 thoughts on “Train to Denver

  1. What a wonderful treat for you two… Hope Terry enjoyed it!!!!! I love trains–and we are sorta thinking of taking a train trip sometime all across Canada.

    We have rain/severe storms/wind up our way today… Sad for all of the little trick-or-treaters out tonight….

    Happy Halloween! Stay safe.


  2. Glad you had a great get away after the long summer. You two deserve it but I did miss you yesterday. Bet the doggies were glad to see ya too. Wow, snow outside the train window and sunshine —–best weather ever.


  3. Linda, I am sure glad you and Terry took this “adventure” trip. A little bit of payoff for all the hard work you guys do on your farm. And then staying at the Embassy Suites. You two have earned at least a month there! That train ride looks great. My wife and I have talked about riding the train through the Canadian Rockies some day. Through the Colorado Rockies would be a real treat too.
    Take care, good luck with the rest of the harvest, and try to rest up some this winter.


  4. The California Zephyr is a great train ride and the trip over the Rockies west of Denver is spectacular. It’s also great over the Sierras in California from Reno to Sacramento. Another scenic ride I’ve taken is the Coast Starlight from Sacramento to Santa Barbara. Sure it takes more time but its well worth it. If I could, I would only travel by train!


  5. Some years ago the farmer and I went from Denver to Salt Lake City on Amtrak – marvellous journey – I remember it with such pleasure.


  6. I know it was certainly safer to ride the train than to drive—especially not knowing what weather might pop up. Did you go just for fun, or was there an errand or two involved?


  7. What fun!
    Hubby used to be able to walk a few blocks where the train would stop and take him to New Orleans for the day, and bring him back again. That was when he was growing up. Sadly, all that runs the same track now are freight trains.
    I wish we had ridden a train when we were in Alaska, but we worked different shifts and when we didn’t, we went fishing or hunting.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mall big enough for a train. Must be really something!
    Hope this post means you had a safe trip!


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