The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Car Wash



Mom took us to the car wash!!!

I super love the car wash!!!

First off we got in the back of the pick-up and headed to town…that in and of itself if just W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L!

Lots of great smells, things to see (in a flash), dogs to bark at along the way and WIND IN YOUR FACE!!!!

Then we got there!


Mom got out and put us up front!  Once she did that we KNEW something really neat was about to happen—most of the time we ride in the back, unless it’s winter.  But it isn’t winter right now and we were already in town.

She then drove us over to the car wash spot.  She drove real slooooooooow to the door; we had to wait for the car in front of us….


I COULD HARDLY WAIT!  I LOVE the car wash!

Boomer says it’s not his favorite but he likes to be there with Mom and me.


Then we were inside


Oh! Good!  Here it comes…first the water, that goes on for a couple of times, then the really creepy SOAP!

(The soap is the best part – I bark at the soap!)

Then more water, and more water, then stop for the blow dryer!

I think it’s funny that the truck gets a blow dry just like Boomer and I at the Groomers.  That is the part I hate the worst at the Groomers…the BLOW DRYER!  So I think it’s pretty neat the pick-up has to have a blow dryer also!



We drive for a ways, and then Mom stops and puts Boomer and me in the back again…



(That’s water spots on the mirror, makes my eyes look just right for Halloween, don’t you think?)


We head for home!


I ADORE going to the car wash!






20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Car Wash

  1. Fuzzy, my best friend Chloe loves going to the car wash too! She doesn’t like baths or the groomer though. I think you two are related. 🙂


  2. Oh too funny! Smokey LOVES the car wash! OMG! Bandit just sits and waits. Smokey dives in the front, dives in the back, nose prints all over the inside windows! lol!


  3. Hi, Linda. Great idea to add the “follow by email” gadget to my layout. I was going to do it and got Side Tracked (yeah dumb joke). Anyway, the gadget is there now. Have a great weekend.


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