Sunday, November 24, 2013

“The first fall of snow is not only and event, it is a magical event.   Winter-3

You go to bed in one kind of worldWinter-1

and wake up in another quite different,Winter-2

and if this is not enchantmentWinter-4


then where is it to be found?”


J.B. (John Boynton) Priestley


Through the eyes of child….


The excitement and wonder fills your soul


Really, who could ask for more?

Your friend,



24 thoughts on “Sunday, November 24, 2013

  1. Is this your first major or minor snow for the season ? It looks like several inches. In Idaho we have had a first snow that melted quickly but we at 1800 feet and the valley floor at 1200 feet get less than on top of the surrounding hills at 3500 feet. We are in the 30s daytime and teens at night. Hoping the cold front from Canada moves on soon. Freezing every night. The chickens eat the snow but are frustrated with the frozen dirt as they like to dig. Wait till the sun is out and everything sparkles like Grandpa and granddaughter in your pics.


  2. Beautiful First Snow for you. I still get excited by the snows….as long as they’re not so heavy that they’re knocking branches off the trees. In winter my favorite thing is to not have anywhere to go and to just look out the windows at the beauty of snow as it falls. As I get older, I cancel appointments, etc. when the snow and ice gets too treacherous on the roads. I put my years in of driving in it to work. now I don’t take as many chances. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures with us….even on a Sunday! God Bless You and Yours.


  3. BULGARIA is forecast snow very shortly..some said it would be today..but the sky is blue, the sun shines..yes its windy and a bit cold…so we enjoy it whilst we can.
    your snow looks as thick and fast as we usually get..but life goes on, cars still run, kids go to school. Only in the uk does everything stop for a sprinkle of the white stuff.
    love your pictures Linda, and what a cute girlie……does the work stop on your farm or just slow down!.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Linda!!!! May your day be blessed with family and know that this friend is thinking of you today and wishing you the very best!
    Great photos!!!! No snow here yet, but it is on it’s way I hear. Baking today! Snow is beautiful when it is falling! Covering all the dry dead landscape makes everyone feel cheery! Soon we will be making a snow man and snow lady! Mr. and Mrs. Frost from Frost Farm!!! 😉
    I miss when the kids were small and how they held such wonder in their hearts…sigh…I think I will always be a small kid inside! 😀 You too I see! (((hugs))) See you soon! Thanks for the good cheer!


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