A Ride Through the Cows February 18, 2014

Terry is planning on laying more transmission pipe this spring.  He wanted to lay it last fall but we were too wet.  The whole winter was wet until just now.  So off he went to hand-dig up the culvert under the farm road, then back to get the tractor with the loader on it.


Boomer and I walked up later to see how he was doing….”Finished!” he replied.

We followed him back to the yard and asked if he would like to go with us (meaning myself, Boomer and Fuzzy) to go look at the cows!

In just seconds we were on our way–


There is one cow with outstanding markings–she is all black except for her long whitetail….she is behind the two white cows, she is the one with the horns

eWe saw lots of cows looking just like this 🙂

tTerry checked out a new Momma cow–he wanted to see where she had her calf hid.


Hiding a new calf in the marsh land isn’t a good idea.  So if he could stir up the calf, the mom would take it on to higher and dryer ground.

I didn’t get a good photo of the calf and mom moving off.

twoWe saw two more calves.  These two are a few days older than the other one.  The mom’s are getting tired of the (self imposed) nursery so are starting to take the kids out and about more.

1The herd is looking good.  I’m sure Mr. Davis and his daughter, Teresa, are pleased with the results so far.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the other creatures we saw along the way. Today the air and the sun feels just like yesterday–Spring has arrived.  I even heard a flock of Red-Winged Black Birds while we were up there.  Delightful birds.

They say another rain/snow storm is supposed to come in Wednesday and our temperatures to drop way down.  Still…no matter what…we are on the other side of winter now.

My heart goes out to all of you still trapped in the huge massive snow and freezing temperatures back east.  To have a warm up would be a delightful gift to all of you winter weary souls!  Magic Thoughts for Spring to find you soon!

Your friend,







23 thoughts on “A Ride Through the Cows February 18, 2014

  1. First I am surprised Terry was able to dig anything. Thought the ground was still frozen. I see signs of spring with bulbs popping and tree buds swelling but otherwise winter is still entrenched. The calves and cows are amazing creatures living off the land and surviving. Enjoy !


  2. Oh! These pictures are wonderful! I feel as if I’d been out walking with you. i can totally relate to that pregnant cow…that’s how I looked month 9…so funny how that baby-ful belly sticks out on both sides. So…they birth out there by themselves without help? Is that what happens? Just nature birthing nature? No vets? No human intervention? I’m so naive about these things…


  3. “The other side of winter” sounds GREAT…. I think most of us are yearning for spring by now… We are getting a big tease here this week also–with sunshine and warm temps. But–along with warmer weather comes the chance of SEVERE thunderstorms…. Gads!!!!

    Glad the cows are doing well… The Mama’s take good care of their babies, don’t they????

    Have a good day –and enjoy the warm weather.


  4. All is looking well, Linda.
    The cows sure are in fine nick and there is plenty of good fodder.
    Pretty strange the black cow – horned and with only a white tail.
    I wonder what mixture of breeds she is, hopefully one day soon you will
    be able to get a photo of her and her calf.
    Your scrub (Mulga as we call it) looks an ideal place for “privacy” when
    the calving is due.
    I totally support you with you concern about the situation in the east of the US,
    that winter freeze is making big news here also. Bloody shocking conditions.
    Just a ‘skud’ of rain here last night – maybe some night birds flew over.
    Cloudless this morning, but rain is again expected and is badly needed
    especially in the outback.


  5. wow, those cows sure do look like they are ready to pop…lol. I love babies..they sure are cute the way they run around and play with each other. Just like any kid does. Have a great day Linda and family.


  6. Cool markings on that cow. OH Terry is a brave man to walk out there looking for baby! I hope he had his escape route planned! I have seen quite a few robins and the red winged black birds….


  7. Love, love, love seeing those baby calves!! They are so sweet. Yep, looks like there should be more soon!

    Farm work just never quits, does it?! The farmers have been plowing here and will soon be fertilizing. We are waiting with baited breath for some rain. It was 80* here today! To be 60* tomorrow. Company coming tomorrow and am sure they will think 60 is quite warm…they’re from up north. Glad you are getting spring-like weather, too!



  8. I just love baby calves. My family makes fun of me each time we drive past a farm with cows and their newborn babies. Once I saw a HUGE mom giving birth. Traffic slowed down and some people parked to take a picture. I wasn’t able to stop and if I had been I wouldn’t have taken any picture. I would have waited though for the magical second when the baby stands up. I have been lucky to see this instant when I was growing up in Normandy and I will always remember of it. Thank you for sharing your life with us.


  9. The cows look quite healthy and happy! I like the one with the white tail…it would definitely be easy to pick her out in a crowd. As for the cold and snow here…the “big thaw” is on it’s way! We were in the 50’s yesterday, and it’s to be warm all week. Here comes the mud now!


  10. I really love the feel of wide open spaces I see in your pictures. I miss a view like that. And I’m still amazed seeing cows out in February. The poor cows around here are “in the slammer” until May!


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