The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Working with Mom

Fuzz and I always work with Mom!


Sometimes Fuzzy doesn’t go, but I do!  I never let Mom go anywhere without me!

Even if it is just to follow her around as she pushes the wheelbarrow here and there and everywhere!

Welllll….sometimes I do let her walk around and around in the yard…it does get boring after awhile.

When Dad goes to his meetings at night,it’s just Mom and Fuzzy and I to do the irrigation. Mom puts us on the four-wheeler with her and gives us lots of pats.  “I’m going to be a long time, Fuzzy, so you really need to go with us.  I don’t want you getting tired of waiting for us and trying to walk out to find us.  You need to ride and you can hang out by the four-wheeler if you get tired.”

Then she lifts Fuzzy up and sits him down beside her….then up I go.  Then Mom is on and we are off!


While Mom moves the water from one spot to another spot Fuzzy and I check out the news….then when Mom drives over to the other field, Fuzzy rides and I really don’t know they have gone,


because I’m somewhere far off—there are interesting things out there, you know.  Stuff much more interesting than watching water going down a row.

New-newsOn the last field Mom hollers and hollers for me…I pretend I can’t hear her!  I have to be careful because Mom WILL drive off and leave me!  When that happens I have to run all the way home!


Anyway, this time, I came.  Which was a good thing, because Mom wanted to just go for a ride around the place…YIPPEE!!


We saw one of the fox that lives on our place!!!

Running-FoxHe was running by so fast he didn’t even stop and wave!!!!Wild-bunnyWe saw a wild bunny.  I got off and sniffed around where the bunny was, but I didn’t even chase the bunny.  Mom’s says I’m a really unusual Beagle, since Beagles were bred to hunt bunnies.

Every time she says that I just smile at her….I’m an environmentally friendly Beagle!!!

SwarmOn the way home we stopped by and saw Hank and the little family…and A BEE SWARM!!   They had a huge swarm in one of their trees!

Swarm-2Now How Cool is that?!?!?

Wire-and-rainbowMom also saw a far-away rainbow…she said that rainbows always make her happy.  Fuzzy and I really don’t see what the fuss is about…but, whatever works for Mom works for us!


By the time we got home it was getting dark.  But you know what?  Even the’ getting dark’ is pretty cool.

Working with Mom is good!




19 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Working with Mom

  1. What a wonderful evening! Nice swarm. Hope it found a good tree. They are saying these wild bees might be our best hope.


  2. The sunset and the rainbow are glorious but I’m amazed at the honeybees. I love seeing swarms which mean they are thriving and producing more bees. It’s scary that so many areas are losing them. We try to catch all of the swarms and set up new hives. I’m going to be off for three days next week and one of the things I want to help Eddie do is clean up some hives and prepare them for new swarms. People are begging us for honey. We lost another hive over this winter.


  3. Going with Mom is always good! I go all the time. Pickles has to stay in the yard because she disappears. Mom MAKES me get up on the 4-wheeler to start and I have to stay till she tells me I can get down. Then I RUN. Mom keeps telling me about “puppies” and how I’ll like them and that I have to be nice and that they will come a little way with us. But not always. Mostly they will stay with the sheep. She says they will learn to help me scare the coyotes. Like I don’t do just fine by myself, thank you very much, but she says I might need help. I’m not sure. Maybe they will be here by this time next week. Mom says she will send you pictures. Now, we have to go let the Moms and their babies out of the hay field. Then we have to fix a puppy pen. Hmmm.


  4. Boomer, you’re just a SPECIAL Beagle; that’s why you didn’t chase the bunny. I’m sure Mom is delighted to have your help when she has to change the water herself. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.


  5. You don’t chase rabbits. There is something seriously missing in your Beagle DNA, but we are glad you allow the bunnies to be part of your environment.


  6. Love your writing and visit often but my all time favorite day is Friday because of Adventures with Fuzzy and Boomer…..thanks for sharing with us!


  7. Oh Boomer, You are such a lucky puppy —having a Mom as special as yours… And she is SO good to Fuzzy… We all get old (and you will too one day, Boom)—and need to be helped at times…

    Looks like a fun evening… I too love the rainbow and the night sky.


  8. Ah, Boomer. Who knew you have selective hearing! I would think a trip back to the house on foot might help you hear better. Good job not chasing rabbits. You are a very special beagle! Tell your mom you should get an extra treat for that.


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