A Quick Stop —Sunday, June 15, 2014

The nice thing about summer is the fact people are traveling…and sometimes that means they are traveling ‘through’ where we live.



My brother, Dan (this is from last year)

IMG_1434And his pretty wife, Cloudy were also in the area, but could not stop by this time.  They usually come over sometime in August so I’m thinking we will get to see them at that time.


Terry’s sister, Carolyn, and her husband, Wayne where traveling back from Arizona when they called and said—“We are coming through”,

Gordon and Eileen camping

Then the “Side Trips” blog folks posted about this really nice trip they were on and I realized THEY WERE GOING TO BE PASSING THROUGH!!!

I quickly emailed them and invited them to stop and have supper with us on their way back home.  They took me up on the invitation!!! YIPPEE!   It is great fun to meet people in person after years of reading and commenting on each other’s blogs!

We had hot dogs and hamburgers and all sorts of picnic food, ate outside and the wind blew us away.  Even blew my salad right off my plate.  Shish!

But everyone was was kind and gracious. ate the food, sat in the kitchen while I put stuff together, chatted together outside  – passing the time quickly.  Suddenly it was all over, everyone back on the road to home.

The wind…it hung around until today turning colder on Saturday; bringing in another cold front for our area.  It’s actually cold enough we had to turn up the heat just to take the chill off the house.  A strong cold front with heavy gusting wind is predicted until Wednesday when it will finally push itself out of here and we will start to warm back up.

I guess in the scheme of things, five days of gusty winds of 30 m.p.h, or more,  is really just a quick stop.  This time next week we will have the heat and warmth of late Spring.

Your friend on a farm in Delta, Colorado




16 thoughts on “A Quick Stop —Sunday, June 15, 2014

  1. Stopping by to say Happy Father’s Day.

    Isn’t it fun to meet Blog Friends? I’m sure you (and they) enjoyed the visit and dinner…. I hope we’ll get to see your farm sometime…



  2. My daughter is researching the genealogy of our family and was amazed at how in that generation they were all together in one corner of Indiana. Now like most families we are spread across the country. It is good to get together when we can.


  3. I had the same thing yesterday, kristy from chicago and I and her children eating outside and our lettuce was blown straight off the plate, we didn’t care though.. there is plenty more.. lovely shots of your friends. c


  4. I love it when people pass through, Linda. I also love meeting blogging friends, whether I am passing their place or they are here. I have met a couple of bloggers in the US and several over here and they all seem like old friends.


  5. How cool! We’ll be doing some Passing Through ourselves soon – no to Colorado (yet), but to North Texas…Already have lunch arranged with another blogger, and can’t wait 🙂
    Hope Terry had a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday!


  6. How fun to have family and friends come to visit! Meeting blogger friends is the best…one can just start talking like you’ve known them forever due to their blogs.



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