A Perfect Day — Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Up-a-TreeOur grandson, Bladen, loves soccer.  He has played soccer ever since he was in the first grade.  Since the world cup has been on Blade rides his bike over and watches the action with Grandpa. If Blade’s Dad is home he comes over and watches also.  It’s a rollicking good time!

At least once or twice during the day Blade rides his bike through all the fields then stops by to let Hank Puff (their dog) cool off in the canal.  Sometimes he stops by and visits with us, or stays for lunch, or rests on one of the chairs outside.

Next year he will be in the 7th grade.  Next year he will be in Craig.  😦


Tally will also ride her bike over, but it is a long, long way when you are only 6 and you have to peddle LOTS to get your little bike from home to here.  Once she is here she wants to watch a cartoon, or play on Grandpa’s IPad.  But her most favorite thing is playing in the tree!


(My two hearts sitting in the garden)

Arrows-2Yesterday, Linky asked Grandpa if he would shoot with her.

(After school was out Grandpa gave Linkin his long-bow.  Earlier, Kelly-their Dad–had made Linkin a long bow from an Russian Olive branch. She adored it!  But being a branch it finally broke…in steps Grandpa with a gift of his Long-bow. She adored it! She practiced every day, getting better and better.  So for her birthday we bought her a bow and some arrows, a wrist guard and a quiver.

Twang She continued to practice.

Yesterday when Grandpa took Bladen home –after the US lost their bid for the World Cup in Soccer and after Grandpa showed Blade how to put a new tube in his bike tire….Linkin asked if she could come up and spend the night and shoot arrows with Grandpa.

BeginningHer smile says it all.

They pretty much tied with the hitting of the target!

EastIt won’t be long now until they move to Craig, Colorado.  By the end of this month.

Blessed we are, Terry and I.  All these days are priceless.

Your Friend,



17 thoughts on “A Perfect Day — Wednesday, July 2, 2014

  1. Oh Linda – I feel the bittersweetness. You do treasure these days and how hard it must be for them to move. What blessed children they are. I feel so sorry for my city-living grandson who knows so little of nature and a geographically close family. You grandkids will forever be blessed by this.


  2. I like the log! Looks like it’s been there forever!
    You need to have some muscle to shoot a bow! It’s hard to pull and hold still! You go girl!


  3. My heart goes out to you with the Grandkids upcoming move. It’s inevitable that I’ll be facing the same journey someday and I don’t like it one bit!! But you are right in savoring those precious moments while the children are still close by. Love your heart wood too!!
    We’re leaving Phoenix for Paonia in 2 weeks!! Can’t wait and your pictures are increasing the excitement. Nothing like western Colorado in the summertime!
    Take Care,


  4. Your two hearts in the garden are adorable. I’m sure you will look back on these wonderful days being happy with your photography skills.


  5. Beautiful happy times. Beautiful smiles. And you’re right. They do say it all. I loved archery when I was a kid. And so did my Mom. Runs in the family. What a beautiful, strong girl she is. And what a sweet boy. You’re lucky to have them. I’m sorry they’re moving away.


  6. Hi There, Just stopping by to say “Happy 4th of July”…. Hope you have an incredible weekend whether you are traveling, with family or friends –or like us, just enjoying being home! We hope to grill a couple of steaks tomorrow. Our weather here is awesome right now…God Bless American –and God Bless YOU.

    I know your heart is heavy thinking about the kids/grands moving. BUT–they can come and spend time with you all during the summers and during other school breaks. AND–you all can go and visit them… You’ll work it out I’m sure…

    Sent you an email about the cannas… Did you get it?


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