The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Finally Truly on the Mend

I’m truly on the mend! My pneumonia is going away.  I haven’t coughed in two days so Mom says YAY!  With her fingers crossed!

Most of the time Mom makes me stay on the back of the four-wheeler while she and Dad do the moving of the water.

She makes me sit!  “You Stay, Boomer”, she says.  “Stay.”

So I do.  Even if it’s hot.

She says I have to stay, because I am really not all the way well yet, and there are critters out there who could be sick, which might make me sick again.  She says my immune system is low.

So I sit.

But if I get hot she lets me get down and get a drink, but stay right by her.

Last night it was cool and fresh and lovely.  So lovely Mom and Dad took a ride in the pick-up truck!

I got to go with them!

A ride in the back of the pick-up truck.  I haven’t been in the back forever.

A ride feeling really good—-




Christmas Blessings—-December 27, 2015

CraigWe loaded up the car, took Boomer to Shannon’s and WENT TO CRAIG, Colorado for Christmas!

SnowingEven though it was snowing here.  What’s a little snow when there are grandchildren at the end of the drive?

I drove…that is saying lots, since I do NOT like to drive on bad roads.  Terry drove home…it was much, much worse then.  But we caravanned with our son and our son-in-law and daughter from Grand Junction so that helped.

Snow-WalkWe had a great time.  I went with Linkin to see the pigs (then Uncle Evan went with Linkin) the pigs had lots of company off and on for Christmas.  20 inches of snow and -18* with a high of 12*.

The photo up above shows Linkin walking on her ‘short cut’ to the house from the pig barn…’Come on, Grammy!  I have a trail, just follow in my foot steps.”

“Okay”, I replied.  First step into the trail I sunk up to my knees…I’m just a wee bit—tad bit–a HUGELY bit bigger than an eleven year old.  We both had a good laugh.

Snow-MailThe grandkids and their Dad built a snowman around the mailbox…a surprise for the mail man.  I thought it was cute!

KidsWaiting for the big day!

We brought back the two girls. Blade and his Dad are going to very cold Bronco game on Monday, then they all will come here for the New Year!

Some gifts really are priceless, don’t you agree!

Your friend,



Sometimes You Just Gotta—Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sometimes you wake up and go…”I’m tired of the same-o-same-o.  We need to do SOMETHING different!”

Friday was a day like that for Terry and I.

JI’ve been painting in our house for the last several weeks…bathroom, bedrooms, front and back porch; plus all the other things we have been getting done in preparation for the corn harvest. Loading up hay for hay customers, winterizing both yards and pumps and well, the list just goes on an on.

Terry looked at me and asked, “Well, what do you want to do?  Got any ideas?”

Yes I did!  I have been missing Bladen.  It was many weeks ago we saw him.  He didn’t come for Halloween, because of basketball games that weekend. (And, of course OTHER more interesting things 8th grade boys like to do.)

So we called Misty and asked if we could come up for Blade’s game with Baggs Wyoming.  It would be a fast trip as there were hay customers coming the first thing Saturday morning, but we wanted to see everyone for a couple of hours and watch Blade play.

She told us to come on up, but don’t tell the kids…just drive in an surprise them!

So we did!


Three hours up, a few hours there, then three hours back.  It was a nice break!  Even nicer to get to watch Blade play.

Blade-1Breaks…they are very good in the scheme of things…seeing family and grandkids…priceless!

Your friend,



A Gift of Time—-Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kids-1For a tiny space in time, our daughter and granddaughters came to see us.

TorTThe Snow Queen and a Indian also came.  (Making a haul of 150 pieces of candy each….sugar high for sure 🙂   )

Friends-for-Ever-MoreBest Friends Forever More

JobThe mail would magically appear, without me having to go way down the lane to get it.

Getting-to-rideThe most fun of all, Jason brought up Shannon’s horse

OffThe first time ever chance to ride!  Not just once, but many, many times through out the stay.



A Grandpa Bunny Moment—Monday, March 2, 2015

It’s raining here…big sploshes of water.  Then it turns into a fine mist, but still wet.  Not satisfied with the mist the raindrops return.

Our snow is rapidly melting, becoming ragged and tattered.  Mud is appearing, plus the food for the cows—no more nosing around in the snow to find fodder.  It’s there, just waiting to be munched upon.

Shadows1When I was bringing in the wood, for the woodstove yesterday a tiny break in the clouds offered up a patch of blue sky and enough sun to cast blue shadows on the lawn.



It was a Grandpa Bunny moment!  Grandpa Bunny was my most favorite story in the Little Golden Books. (I have three copies,)

Grandpa Bunny teaches all the other bunnies how to decorate nature. Grandpa Bunny loves each and every season–one of my favorite parts is when Grandpa Bunny shows the little bunnies how to paint shadows on the snow.


Walking along with my load of wood I realized I saw a perfect Grandpa Bunny moment

Shadows-2As they say:  “Priceless”.

Your Friend,



A Perfect Day — Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Up-a-TreeOur grandson, Bladen, loves soccer.  He has played soccer ever since he was in the first grade.  Since the world cup has been on Blade rides his bike over and watches the action with Grandpa. If Blade’s Dad is home he comes over and watches also.  It’s a rollicking good time!

At least once or twice during the day Blade rides his bike through all the fields then stops by to let Hank Puff (their dog) cool off in the canal.  Sometimes he stops by and visits with us, or stays for lunch, or rests on one of the chairs outside.

Next year he will be in the 7th grade.  Next year he will be in Craig.  😦


Tally will also ride her bike over, but it is a long, long way when you are only 6 and you have to peddle LOTS to get your little bike from home to here.  Once she is here she wants to watch a cartoon, or play on Grandpa’s IPad.  But her most favorite thing is playing in the tree!


(My two hearts sitting in the garden)

Arrows-2Yesterday, Linky asked Grandpa if he would shoot with her.

(After school was out Grandpa gave Linkin his long-bow.  Earlier, Kelly-their Dad–had made Linkin a long bow from an Russian Olive branch. She adored it!  But being a branch it finally broke…in steps Grandpa with a gift of his Long-bow. She adored it! She practiced every day, getting better and better.  So for her birthday we bought her a bow and some arrows, a wrist guard and a quiver.

Twang She continued to practice.

Yesterday when Grandpa took Bladen home –after the US lost their bid for the World Cup in Soccer and after Grandpa showed Blade how to put a new tube in his bike tire….Linkin asked if she could come up and spend the night and shoot arrows with Grandpa.

BeginningHer smile says it all.

They pretty much tied with the hitting of the target!

EastIt won’t be long now until they move to Craig, Colorado.  By the end of this month.

Blessed we are, Terry and I.  All these days are priceless.

Your Friend,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Priceless

StunningEvery night….

Every single twilight…

Twice a day….

Morning and evening…

Sometimes more…


The always chore…

We head to the fields

Never leaving…

Always checking, moving and starting…

Picking up….


Laying down….

Moving on…

Still-going-strongFuzzy rides…


Making sure it’s all done right.

OffBoomer stays…

Then gets bored…


Heads off for news…

Forgets to hear…

The call to come…

“We are heading home”…

When he does…

Coming!!!!The speed is great…. “

Wait for me, Mom!”….


Boomer applies the brake!

Head-gate-cleaningWe’ve been really cold here.  Fuzzy has even had us sleeping inside.  THAT WORKS FOR ME!!!  It’s so cold Mom and Dad still wear their winter gear and so do Fuzzy and I. (To be honest with you I dread that shedding, panting hot weather, but Mom says she is ready for so warmth. 🙂 )

Sun-redLast night the sunset was stunning.  Mom was even late following Dad in because she had to hang on the ditch bank taking shots of the setting of the sun!  It was really cool.

But she CALLED me back and I came FAST, then we just sat there for-ever so long…geez.  Finally after about an eternity she took off and we zoomed home.

my-fuzMom doesn’t really go fast ‘cause Fuzzy would fall off.  Fuzzy’s balance isn’t very good anymore and he LOVES to stand up the whole way.  I’ve told him to sit down and hunker, but he just gives me a dirty look.  “I’ll stand until the day I die” he growls at me.

Shish….okay, Fuzzy.  Just say’n.


So after three eternities, when I could have been out there getting news, Mom finally drove in and brought us inside for the night.

Inside to sleep when it’s cold outside…heaven! (I like being outside when it’s warmer, but not now)

Inside to sleep with a dog treat!  PRICELESS!!!


I Just Have to Share


This looks like a repeat of the last post, but really it isn’t. The day clouded up in the afternoon and then we saw showers playing across the  Uncompahgre Plateau.

We had been sweltering in the middle of the corn field hoping some clouds would come in from somewhere.

When they did they blocked the sun which cooled us down, even if the rain stayed far away.

Then the clouds cleared of the moisture


And a little wind sprung up pushing the moisture and the cooling clouds in a different direction, leaving behind


a delightful couple of rainbows!

A gift from above….clouds, moisture, the heat from the sun and the corn blocked, and the gift of promise and hope!