Tuesdays with Friends — Fog Bows—Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I’m a tad late today as we had to do some stuff before it got too hot to breathe.   We had several weed trees (Chinese Elm) that had taken root in my tiny orchard  and sprouted to enormous proportions–some dead branches in the ancient (95 years old lilac tree) and some low hanging and dangerous limbs (Rio Grande Cottonwood) and a nasty branch (Colorado Blue Spruce) which kept scraping my neck as I mowed the lawn which all needed Terry’s expertise with the chain saw.

Awhile back I asked if anyone had cool rainbows or other really neat photos that they would love to share with me and with the readers of my blog.  If they would send them to me I would put them on my blog and give the appropriate credit for the photo gift.

double fogbow

Leenie from Side Trips sent me two photos of Fog Bows.  I have never seen nor heard of a Fog Bow so this was a real treat!

fogbow in field

The Side Trips folks stopped by not long ago on their way from Telluride to Grand Junction, Colorado.  How cool was that!

Gordon and Eileen camping

Leenie is an amazing watercolor artist.  You might take a look at her Esty store to get and idea for a neat gift or two.

Well, off now to get the lawn mowed, the edges trimmed and the hedge clipped.  I need to fertilize some of my lagging plants so I best get on the move.  The day is heating up…which I LOVE!

Your western Colorado Farm Friend,



11 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Friends — Fog Bows—Tuesday, July 8, 2014

  1. Very pretty. Sort of reminds me of when Mom lived near some red and white cliffs, near Ramah, NM and we used to look up and see the light reflecting off what little moisture there was. You can’t describe it as a bow, more like a multi-colored opaque very thin-layered cloud (no white color though)


  2. Beautiful fog bows. And how nice to meet blogger friends.
    We have a few Chinese elms here, they do grow fast! I don’t mind them in the calf pasture. Shade for my bottle babies.


  3. Sounds like you and your hubby really took down some tree weeds with that chainsaw. Chinese Elms are the WORST. The one across the street goes to seed just after I plant the garden and if I don’t rip out every seedling there’s trees to deal with in no time. Thanks for the shout out.


  4. LOVE the fog bows! So pretty! I had not heard of them either. It’s great to meet blogger friends, isn’t it? Glad they stopped by for a visit with you.

    I just had 11 dead trees removed about 3 weeks ago… really made the place look great. Those Chinese elms were planted in about 1944 and lived until a couple of years ago! They are good for shade.

    Don’t work too hard in the heat….blessings!


  5. Those fog bows are gorgeous. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m SO happy for you that it’s warm there. Here in France, it’s FREEZING. We eat outside because we’re pretending that it’s warm enough to do so, but I had to put on an overcoat at lunch today, and my choice of making salad wasn’t much appreciated. Have a great day, Linda!


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