A Gift! Monday, July 28, 2014

Just before noon, around 11:30 that morning, our eldest daughter, Shannon and Jason came driving down our lane.   They were bringing to us a very nice gift….


Heat for many, many cold winter days!

They had gotten up at the beginning of light, headed up the Uncompahgre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray —accent on the pah) to 25 Mesa.  There they filled their fire wood permit with wood just for us!

Terry and I were completely surprised.  We knew they had filled two permits for their winter heat, never dreaming they purchased another permit to cut and haul to us wood. (Wood permits are for dead wood and beetle killed wood–they cost $25)

We had been working on getting set for the winter; they finished the work for us! (We try to have all our firewood cut and hauled by August…summer is always about preparing for winter, it seems.)

What  a wonderful surprise!  (It seems odd to being thinking of winter heat, when we are melting now.  But come winter we will be every so grateful)

Your friend,



18 thoughts on “A Gift! Monday, July 28, 2014

  1. What an absolutely wonderful surprise!! That is so thoughtful of Shannon and Jason and makes your life just a tad easier, doesn’t it?! Our children can be such a blessing!!

    Blessings to you, my friends!


  2. Oh yes :Linda – we also have to get the wood for our wood burner ready well in advance. In fact we had two trees down on the farm and the farmer has already sawn them up and stacked them in the nig shed. Come the cold weather we shall be ready.


  3. Oh what great kids! My husband is at this moment bucking and splitting logs he gathered last summer. We burn juniper. It is always so nice to be stocked up for winter.


  4. Bless your eldest daughter and husband for the unexpected surprise. Its always a miracle when the “kids” do something for their parents. One less big chore in this heat. We are in the hundred plus every day and the humidity is what gets to you. Wow, a gift to be used and every day you burn the wood you will thinking of them. A living gift.


  5. What a fabulous gift –and so thoughtful of them. You all are blessed with children who love and adore both of you…

    Speaking of kids, what have you heard from the ones who moved recently? I know this was hard for you–but you’ll make time to see them often and they’ll make time to see you. What happens to their home? I assume it’s on your property–so will it just sit empty???



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