A Question —Monday, October 6, 2014

Up-closeWe have a new grass growing on the one of the cement ditches.  I have never seen it before (or at least I don’t think I have).

Strange-GrassDoes anyone know what it might be called?  It sure is a purdy  pretty thing.

Your Friend,





22 thoughts on “A Question —Monday, October 6, 2014

  1. We have that grass in SD. Not sure what its called. I will have Daryl check your blog when he has a chance to on his down time in the truck.

    I blogged!!!!!! YAY!!!


  2. That doesn’t look like what we call foxtails in California, the bad kind that get snoofed up a dog’s nose or stuck between its toes. It looks more like something they sell as a landscape plant here and call it “drought resistant.”


  3. KILL THIS. It’s foxtail and those head will dry up and imbed themselves into your dogs. They can cause an infection even.


  4. Looks like what we call foxtail. The cows LOVE it when it’s green. Very pretty plant. Beautiful to watch waving in the wind…..
    And yeah, not good for the pups….it will get all over them, ears, eyes, feet, fur….yuck…


  5. Linda– Take action now and this is no foolin’ You’re friend meridethinwyoming is right. Kill it.
    It is what we call Giant Foxtail in Iowa and has other names like Asian Foxtail. It is invasive and reduces corn yields in my area by over 10%. It used to be sorta managed by mechanical means ( rotary hoeing) but nowadays those in agriculture use chemicals. Lotsa chemicals. Dig it out and burn it and post the picture okay? Okay!


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