Storm Heading In–Thursday, November, 20, 2014

Yesterday afternoon the clouds started to skim across the sky stretching and cooling down everything under them.


Gradually they thickened and thickened, long  frontal cirrostratus(is that the correct name for snow producing clouds?)  clouds giving Terry and I the feeling that snow was about to happen.  Although, the weather people were saying not. 

This morning we woke to clear skies and the ever present cold 17*.  But a storm is predicted to be in here for the weekend.


Today we are bright and sunny!  Still I can see those same  frontal cirrostratus clouds being pushed toward us over the Uncompahgre Plateau.  (Un-come-pah-gray—a Ute Indian word meaning: (take your pick; rocks made red by water, rocks that make water red, or just plain dirty water.  🙂 )  A winter storm is predicted to arrive here Friday night bringing with it snow for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. After that our daytime highs will shift down a notch from the mid 40’s to the mid 30’s.  The slide into the long, dark days of winter has begun.  And it’s early!  Those of you getting slammed with snow are very aware of that —-winter has arrived; albeit several weeks early.


The corn is still checking out dry on the top end of the field and very dry in the middle, but the bottom end is W.E.T.!  17%.  We continue to wait.  If this snow goes around us and isn’t too wet (right here) possibly the ends of the fields will dry down enough we can start on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday…hummm, next week sometime.  🙂

I thank each one of you for your continued concern and encouraging words and magic thoughts that soon, very soon, the corn dries down enough we can get this years harvest in.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,




13 thoughts on “Storm Heading In–Thursday, November, 20, 2014

  1. Oh dear, hope that the storm system won’t dump much snow for you. We have started the cotton harvest here on the home place today….hurray! We are forecasted to get thunderstorms tomorrow night and Saturday. Guess it is an edge of what you are getting. They’ll be able to finish here if all goes well, but still have 3 more farms of cotton to go. 😦 Just have 65 acres on this place. So, here’s hoping we both can stay dry for awhile. Beautiful pictures, as always!!!


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  2. We had a light dusting of snow this morning. Kinda pretty… -17? Yikes! That right there will freeze your fanny! Wow!
    Blowing the moisture outta your corn from the west! 🙂
    Although you probably don’t want anything more from the west?! 🙂

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