Finished until March! Sunday, December 14, 2014

WeedsYAY!  We are done!!!  A Happy Dance around the farm!

One of the things about growing corn, and selling it by contract, you MUST have enough corn to fill the contract, or you will be penalized.  So far (for about four years now) we have hit the marked with the amount we are supposed to deliver.  The Elevator will take a few tons over, but not huge amounts.

This year we had 50 tons over the amount for fall delivery…we can deliver in March but not now. (That gives the elevator all winter to disperse of the corn).

CloseSo… much as we don’t like working with the corn at THE BOTTOM of the Grainery we got the largest Butler Bin ready and continued combining corn.

My-jobIt was my job to manage the truck,

Auger the auger,

Filling-the-binthe bin and the tractor….Terry finished combining. 


My helper searching for corn kernels to munch on.

Two weeks into December and we are finally finished!  Also we beat the winter storm, which pounded the California region and is now spreading rain and snow along the Rocky Mountains.  This storm will move out of here today and head toward the bread basket of the United States pushed along with a very fast wind.  Tomorrow until Thursday we are slated to have sunshine (BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE).

Once we got the combined cleaned up and put to bed, the dump truck swept out and parked (he has ordered the booster for the brakes–he will work on them next week),



the auger (thats the auger with the green) slid back in it’s spot by the bins,

Closing the bin

and the top on the grain bin we gave a HUGE SIGH of RELIEF!

Then yesterday afternoon we headed to Grand Junction to do a bit of shopping.  I buy most of all things in Delta, but sometimes I need to go to the Whole Foods in Grand Junction for some stuff I either can’t make well, or I can’t make at all.


Today is Sunday…always, always we take this day off before the week starts again.

Thank you each and everyone for your support, cheers of encouragement and interest in our life on a western Colorado farm.

Your much relieved friend,



25 thoughts on “Finished until March! Sunday, December 14, 2014

  1. Great news. Now you can just sit back and watch soap operas and eat bonbons for a few months.
    Or probably not.


  2. 50 tons over! Wow! Glad you got it all done. Now we just wait for the springin’ heifers to visit. I hope that Pineapple Express doesn’t cause you too much trouble. We would have been more than happy to hang onto it until it wore itself out. I slept on the front porch when it came through; I am serious about my love of rain!


  3. Yay! I am dancing around the corn in my dining room. Of course
    It’s just a handful of corn inside the chicken pot pie I made, but still…. I’m SO happy things worked out. Enjoy your day of rest. As always – you earned it!


  4. Yes! What a great feeling to have your harvest behind you. I think you guys need to go get a nice relaxing massage! 🙂
    Getting ready for the mama cows to show up?


  5. why do I feel so elated, so happy and so satisfied…. I did not do all the hard work,,but I feel so pleased that YOU have achieved what you set out to do….if my mental support did anything to help then there is definitely Power In Prayer..Well done guys..have a rest and a great Christmas you deserve every second of it


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