The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Sing a Night Song

Umpft!  Snort!  Stretch….ahhh!

What am I hearing?

COYOTES!  The Coyotes are close…right in the bean field!




I ran to the grain bins and bayed to the coyotes…Scram you nasty critters! I yelled.  About that time I heard Mom outside–Good!  She scared them away!

Good job!

I trotted back to Mom and we sat on the back step.


Wow! What a beautiful night!  It made heart lift in great joy!

So much so I walked into the middle of the lawn; lifted my nose way up in the air, made my mouth into a tiny o, and let out a plaintive sound.

I sang and sang for a very long time.  Trying to reach back, back in time to all those that came before.

When I was done Mom called me over and gave me a big hug.  “I understand, Boomer.  I wish I could reach back in time also” she said.


We sat on the back step, just mom and I, letting the silver light flood over us.




45 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Sing a Night Song

  1. HOw beautiful it is in the NOW!!!! No need to reach back, all the good is right with you two….how sweet , and precious this post is. LOVE the moon over the cornfields, and love you BOOMER…love your bellering at the moon. I had a Beagle too, just like you. You would have loved her. Her name was Katie.She would ahve found you very handsome….plus I had a Beagle mix at the resort when we ran it FRITZIE..he and you would have loved to be friends . Thank you, Boomer for this holding in heart post for this day and tonight. Now I think you should ask mom for treats..ok??woof!!!!!—Schmoozes…Merri

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  2. Boomer, excuse me while I have a word with Linda. First of all, that is just beautiful. Such a universal but poetically expressed sentiment. Thank you for that. I share those feelings with both of you. Second, that moon photo is exquisite. Good pictures of the moon are not easy too take, and that one is just beautiful. Boomer, your turn for kudos: good job!

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